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April 11, 2010 at 10:30 pm | Posted in Life and Living | Leave a comment

After you finish school, there are no legal boundaries that define what stage in life a person should be at and when. It’s kind of like rock climbing.  When you are young, it’s pretty obvious which rocks are the ones you should be grasping.  They are steady, big, and easy to grip. And there are plenty of them.  As you get older and further up the wall, there are fewer rocks, and the ones that do exist are flimsy.  It is very easy to — well, hit rock bottom — if you don’t have a strategy for getting up the wall.  And even if you do have a strategy, there’s no telling what shiny stones may appear to change your plans, or if an earthquake will rock the very foundation you built your plan around.

When I told my boyfriend I was starting a blog about turning thirty, his first reaction was to cringe.  We live pretty fast paced lives with constant reminders that we aren’t quite as young as we may act.  Time, at times, can be our worst enemy. But I live a pretty full life and I’m not disappointed in where I am at this point.  To me, this blog is a discovery of the intricacies that make life so interesting.  It’s about dispelling myths about what’s best for you.  It’s my journey to thirty.

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