One is Silver and the Other’s Gold

April 23, 2010 at 8:02 am | Posted in Friends Then and Now | 5 Comments

I’ve had a lot of friends over my lifetime.  My mother used to call me the mayor of my hometown.  I knew everybody from every town in each direction.  Heck, I’m on a first name basis with the train conductor, and several pizza shop owners.  When I was 20, my father was shocked when we walked into the local liquor store and the owner knew me.

I always hung out with different crowds, mainly because I didn’t fit into any mold of cliques that were available, and I’m too stubborn to try to make myself conform.  In this way, I got to get to know some super cool people that I may not have known had I closed myself off.

As I’ve gotten older, it’s been harder to keep in touch with friends.  Being the one who always kept in touch, organizing reunions and such, it was an adjustment for me to not be in a position of seeing my friends everyday.  I had a lot of girlfriends and guy friends, but many times it seemed that I had more close guy friends than girls, and it had nothing to do with being the center of attention, because I’ve never really been the center of attention, nor have I wanted to be.  When you get too close to girls, too often you outgrow each other, or you end up hating each other, or life circumstances just pull you apart.  Guys are so much easier.

Right now, I have a few good girlfriends, some whom I’ve known since I was a teen, but two of my closest girlfriends live 4 hours away from me.  We see each other every couple of months, and lucky for us technology and telepathy keep us in touch on a daily basis.

The other day I found out one of my best friend’s fathers has the same birthday as my father.  I have known this girl for almost ten years and this minor fact just came up.  This is not the first time this has happened.  It took her two years to tell me she had a twin brother.  She of course told me this pretty nonchalantly.

But still, she knows me. Her, and my other best friend know me better than I know myself in many ways.  Our relationship has evolved into the most supportive and fun relationship I have ever had with women.

Throughout the rest of my life I will meet many people.  I’ll make new friends.  I’ll continue to remember the old and even keep a couple.  I don’t know if there is anything that will tear me apart from my best friends. I like to think we will truly be friends forever.  I can definitely picture us in 50 years sitting in rocking chairs on Cape Cod remembering the good ol’ days.


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  1. That was the sweetest post ever 🙂 You made me teary eyed over my latte! I’ve NEVER had a bond a close to anyone as you and our other bff. The 3 of us just work well together. A huge trait we all have is ‘accepting’ of one another. We understand the ground work and our foundation is solid. Meaning, its almost unconditional friendship 🙂

    We have SO many hilarious moments, so much PURE fun together. Nothing is a competition for attention, we all support each others goals, tell the truth with or without sugarcoating :), its refreshing to have such honesty and support outside your god given family. Another HUGE part, is we are so utterly drama-less which is RARE for a girl bff pairing…but for 3 of us…unheard of. And I LOVE that. We compliment each other so well, and its amazing we all come from such different backgrounds and found each other!

    We all work at being in touch with each other. SO important! Thank god for technology, phone dates and the interwebs. And I think we do a great job of seeing each other while we’re 4 hours apart.

    So thank you Dana & Jane, for being my very best friends. I can absolutely picture us Golden Girls style 🙂

    And sorry for all the delayed important facts…10 years is a long time… I gotta keep things interesting. Maybe next year I’ll tell you about the time I got engaged in Italy to Umberto…and didnt realize it 🙂

  2. whoa… too many smiley faces… you can edit and get rid of a few of them… i thought they would just come up without the emoticon.

    • lol you were just really, really happy

  3. I feel a lot of people can connect to this one. Great work Dana!

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