Where in the World is Lauren?

June 24, 2010 at 7:52 am | Posted in Life and Living | 6 Comments
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One of my colleagues quit her job.  Her last day was a week ago, and two days later she was dropped off on the edge of Montana and Canada with nothing but a backpack and her boyfriend by her side; ready to embark on a five month hike through Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Arizona.  She is 23 or 24 years old.

At her going away party she went through her entire itinerary and took questions from the staff, most of who would probably not survive in the wild based on the questions asked (myself included).  She had planned out everything from her path, to her pack, to her food.  She had mailed food to herself that is being held at different stores and post offices on her path and she’d cook using a homemade burner no bigger than the tops of two beer cans.  She was bringing water purifiers with her. No bottled water. All that she would drink would come from the earth.  Towards the end of their trip, since they weren’t sure where there would be stores, her boyfriend actually buried food in the desert.  They will use a GPS to track their food and their progress. We were all fascinated.

I’ve told a few friends about this, and they too were fascinated.  What an ambitious adventure!  Most people will not do anything like this in their lifetime. It takes serious guts to do this in my opinion, but it does make me think of something that is really important to me – traveling!

You can’t experience life unless you travel.  Your hometown is not the way other people live.  My lack of travel used to be one of my favorite excuses for not writing during my long hiatus. I always felt that I couldn’t write until I knew something about the world (luckily, my career has opened me up to so many issues that without living on the lam).

So here I am at 27 years old. I’ve done some traveling but not nearly enough.  I’ve been on trips to Italy, Spain, France, England. I’ve been to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. I’ve been to more than ten states in the US.  I have not been to the West Coast but I will before the year’s end.  But they’ve all just been trips. I’ve never had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in living in another place, but at least I’ve scratched the surface.

In my mind, I could never up and quit my job and leave everything I’ve known.  I’m just not that big of a risk taker and I feel like I have too many responsibilities.  But people do it, and I love living vicariously through them.  I do what I can to fit new travel experiences into my lifestyle, and I dream of traveling all the time.  Life is about learning and trying new things and testing your limits.  Traveling is part of what makes life worth living!


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  1. You can pick up and leave, you know. Oh, and you can make money along the way. Have you read the blogs nomadicmatt.com and almostfearless.com? They are “travel nomads” and they make money doing freelance work and by advertising on their blogs. They give really good tips about how to do this (and) how realistic it is.

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  3. I just don’t have the cajones to pick up and leave. I’m too sentimental. You won’t find me in Malaysia 🙂 but I’ll def check out those blogs!

  4. i left u an award on my blog 🙂

    • You are the best! Thanks for the call out 🙂

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