A Household of 2, Plus 1 Canine

August 3, 2010 at 7:45 am | Posted in Life and Living, Relationship Woes | 4 Comments
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It’s official. As of August 1, I am officially living with my boyfriend.  This is something that has been in the works for a few months, but it wasn’t easy to get to this point, and not because we didn’t want it to.

In a typical Dana move, I set a goal back in January of moving in with my boyfriend by May.  It seemed possible at the time, but I never could have predicted the obstacles that were thrown in our way.

First, my apartment fell victim to bed bugs in March.  My neighbors got infested first and it spread to the rest of the building.  I had to get rid of almost everything I owned, vacuum every day, and have the exterminator come every month.  I read some information online that said that bedbugs can die in extreme heat.  I live in an attic apartment.  All I had to do was wait until summer and they’d all die.  It was a long few months! I took this as a real sign that I needed to move out of my apartment.

Which leads me to the second obstacle.  The heat! This has been the hottest summer in a long time, and my apartment does NOT cool down for anything. I had to make some serious alterations to my apartment this summer in order to live.  The air conditioners run 24 hours a day and I put up curtains between the kitchen and living room to capture the cool air. This was the reason I wanted to move in the first place. I didn’t want to live here for another summer.

But here I am, living in my pretty big one bedroom apartment with the boyfriend. The third obstacle is the reason why we are making this our first apartment together and not living in his spacious two-bedroom apartment.  There were several difficulties with his roommate and things were just getting too hairy.  At the end of the day, we were forced to make a move that we probably would have dawdled on.

So we found a way to get all of his stuff into my apartment, though it doesn’t all have a home yet. Lots of it actually has improved the usability of the space, but there’s still some major space sharing that we both need to work on. It’s quite strange when I realize that when we talk about going home, we are talking about the same place.

However we got here, we are here now.  This was one small step for mankind, one giant step for me making a commitment to my future. I look forward to telling you all my tricks for getting him to clean, and more than likely all the things I try that don’t work.  I hope you’ll share some advice with me as well.

Here’s to new adventures!


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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of co-habitating!! As a 6yr veteran of living with stinky boys, follow my advice because you will have to pass many tests to win. FIRST, perhaps the longest test ever… is the Bathings of the Eating Utensils, also known as… ‘the dishes’. One must first wash the dishes in front of the male. Make oooohing and aaaahing noises and also note HOW FAST it was!”Only took 7 minutes!” And pray the other half of the species knows how to mimic and learn quickly.

    NEXT…the test of money. You must create diversions with feathers and glitter and when he becomes mesmorized… you SNATCH his wallet and pay all the bills in a timely fashion. Thought this tets is quickly passed…the glitter can be a bitch to clean up after.

    Moving on…the test of “Everything Has It’s Home”. WHY is the toothpaste on the kitchen sink? Why is your wet towel on the furniture? Why is your laptop on the toilet?? This game is almost as long as The Dishes….except it goes away..and POPS up out of nowhere, and usually when you’re looking for something important… like a flashlight when the power is out. You’ll argue and point fingers…and vow to keep things in its place. Of course…this will ONLY cure said item you were looking for, for example… you will ALWAYS know where the flashlight lives. You may have to fight over every item in the house…it could be awhile.

    FINALLY, the TV. It will NEVER be too quiet, too loud, or on/off enough for either of you. Your favorite show, will always be when his favorite show is on at the exact same time. He won’t like what you want to watch, and you wont like his stupid zombie movies for the 100th time. Instead, the easy fix is this “i’ll rub your feet if you let me watch the Food Network”. Then once he realizes he can get feet rub’ns, the TV is yours for the rest of the night.

    I hope you take these pearls of wisdom and pass them along. I’m in the process of finishing my novel “Foot Rubs, How to Get What You Want All The Time”.

    • Thanks for the preemptive advice! I’m already tripping over shoes and this morning, I couldn’t find my keys. Why? Because his computer was on top of my purse and my keys were under that. Boys should be required to have desktop computers.

      As for the dishes, I may end up switching to paper. And what’s with the cups all over the place? 1 cup a day is fine. Sigh. At least he does the laundry. 🙂

  2. That’s great! Yay for you guys. 🙂

  3. […] my boyfriend moved in with me last summer, I promised lots of updates on what it was like living with a boy.  But I didn’t deliver for a very simple reason — there weren’t any great surprises or […]

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