Seeing the World from the Ground Floor

August 9, 2010 at 7:30 am | Posted in Life and Living | 4 Comments
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Cute heels that I'll never own or wear

It’s not easy being 5’2’’.  It’s even harder to accept that when you are in 7th grade, you’ve reached the end of your growth.  From now on, you will see the world from this level.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of fun things about being short.  Limbo is easier, for starters, and it’s easier to get through crowds (though you may get squished in the process). And I’ve never had to worry about dating a guy that was shorter than me (well, ok when I was in 7th grade, I did date a guy who was shorter than me. Obviously he’s now caught up and gone beyond my height).  When is it hard to be short?  When there are crowds of people getting together, say in a concert venue.  If I’m lucky, I can peak through people’s shoulders.  Why do you tall people all stand in the front?  Do you not see us short people down below struggling to see?

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  You’re short, so why don’t you wear heels? I do.  But my tolerance for heels has gotten lower over the years.

It was great in high school. Platform sneakers and heels were in style so I didn’t have to pain myself in stilettos.  When I wasn’t wearing platforms, I would be wearing chunky heels, up to 3 1/2 inches high, sometimes 4.  This all changed when I got to college.

On one of the first days of school, I was going to get my books at the campus book store.  I went to a really big college, and since I didn’t really know the college bus system yet, I decided to walk to get my books.  I was an English major, so I didn’t have massive text books to deal with.  It was still hot there in September, so I wore a cute summer outfit with my 4-inch platform sandals.  These things were the easiest things to walk in ever, so I didn’t think it would be an issue.  I did, however, underestimate the distance and the shoes just gave out.

Another time after that, on New Year’s to be specific, I was out drinking with a bunch of friends. While walking on the street to a house party, wearing 4-inch black boots, I slipped and fell and almost killed myself (I was only slightly intoxicated…I think).

There were two more incidents in college where I fell (ok, two that I remember). One time, I fell going downstairs in a frat house to get beer – I actually caught myself on the step that time.  The second time, I fell into a basement party.  Talk about a grand entrance!

These days, I limit my high-heeled adventures to 2 ½ inches and lower. On the rare occasion, I’ll wear 3-inch heels, but they are likely to come off before the night is through.

There are the girls who will go with the pain. I don’t want to deal with the pain, or the risk of falling on my face.  There are some seriously cute high heels, and for those who dare wear them I say, you have some serious guts!


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  1. Ugh, I just can’t do heels. I’m not one of those girls who wears them to work, or even out at night usually. Don’t know how to walk in them and hate having to clutch the railing when I scale stairs!

    Thankfully, I’m decently tall (5’6 maybe) so height isn’t a big issue.

    • you were blessed for sure! 5’6″ is a great height!

  2. LOL!! I remember your basement entrance… hahaha

  3. I am short too… 4′ 11” and it’s always been a struggle for me… I wore heels most of my young life, but as I get older it gets harder, and you’re right you take your life into your hands!! I see girls wearing heels often, and I can only empathize and admire. Thanks for the post.. I would have never thought to write about heels!!

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