No Sleep Til….

August 19, 2010 at 7:36 am | Posted in Fashion, Fitness and Beauty, Life and Living | 6 Comments
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I love sleep. There’s really nothing like it.  Cozying up in a bundle of blankets and fluffy pillows, it’s so relaxing and rejuvenating. It’s the only free way to recharge and escape the realities of the day. I’ll take whatever sleep I can get. Of course my nightly sleep, but I love naps, especially afternoon naps.

When I was younger, I would easily sleep until noon or later, without a problem. Even the times I didn’t sleep late, I slept well.  In college, napping became a favorite pastime, because you know, college can be tiring…

Now, my naps seem to be reserved for the train ride to work, or an airplane ride.  Sometimes, usually on Fridays, I’ll take a nap when I get home from work, so I can stay awake for nighttime activities. I rarely even can fit the Sunday nap marathon into my schedule anymore.

I always found it strange that my father could wake up at the crack of dawn.  I rarely ever saw him sleep. When I’d come home at 2 AM, he’d be up shuffling around.  When I went to bed at 4, he was getting up to go to the gym.  I don’t know how he survived.

In general, I’m just sleeping less now, though in high school I woke up at the same time as I do now, and it’s still just as evil.  I will never understand morning people!

The real problem I’m seeing lately is with my nightly sleep regimen.  I sleep with Tylenol PM next to my bed for the bad nights, when a glass of wine won’t do.  Why can’t I sleep? Adult responsibilities.  I often wake up in the middle of the night, and half unconscious start thinking about work, or some chores I have to do, or the dilemma of the moment.

I’ve been adjusting to getting less sleep too.  It used to be real tough to get through the day on 6 hours of sleep, but now I’m finding no problem with it.  I know that there’s some scientific reason for this, I just thought it wouldn’t start happening until I was older. At least not until I had children!

Well, I can’t pine over lost sleep. I just have to find more ways to enjoy my awake time, and find some new ways to clear my mind!


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  1. Wait until you have a baby! Sleep then becomes a distant memory! LOL

    • And I totally expect that! So why can’t I enjoy sleep now? ARG! I’m getting cranky 🙂

  2. Oh sweet, sweet sleep! I could live in Spain just for the afternoon siesta. Do you think we could petition congress to instate it?

    • would never happen in America. We are work obsessed!

  3. I can never sleep and when I do I don’t want to get up.

  4. I never get enough sleep or get “caught up” on it :/ I am a night owl…mornings just aren’t my thing. I work at 9:30am so i get to sleep a bit later than most people, but I still find it hard to function in the morning. I stay up til 1am or later and the same on weekends.

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