Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

September 21, 2010 at 7:40 am | Posted in Life and Living | 3 Comments
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I was walking my dog one morning last week the way I always do – with my eyes barely open, my hair a mess, and in my pajamas. We always walk the same route, with very little variation (dog owners know that dogs run on routine – when you break that routine, you will have a very confused and neurotic dog on your hands).  On this morning, there was an outdoor cat doing what cats do. Well, for my dog, it’s true what they say about their feelings towards cats. Whenever my dog sees a cat, instinct takes over and the cat’s life is at high risk. So I decided to turn down another road to avoid confrontation.

It was on this road that I felt a sudden prickling on the top of my foot.  At first I thought it was just a weird pain that I got from moving my foot in an awkward way, but when I lifted up my pants I saw a bee harvesting my foot. I shook it off, but it was too late. I had been stung.

I was completely shocked.  I totally forgot about bee stings.  I haven’t been stung since I was a child.  I remember the constant summer worry about bees. All children were aware of it. They were told to stand completely still when a bee was around.  I also remember exactly where I was the last time I got stung about twenty years ago.   I was at the pool, standing by the water on the grass when the bastard came up and got me in the back of my thigh.  I don’t really remember the pain, but I do remember that children in general don’t usually handle pain well.

With all this in mind, I tried to act cool.  I’m an adult now. It’s just a bee sting. I’ll be fine.  Let me tell you, it hurt!  I was putting ice on it and trying to get ready for work.  I can’t call out sick for a bee sting, right? That just sounds ridiculous. But my foot was swollen to twice its size. I couldn’t put much pressure on it and had to elevate it when I got to work.

It’s now days later and my foot is doing much better.  I have just started wearing normal shoes again. But I know I’ll be fine.  I know you must think I’m being such a baby, but when was the last time you were stung?  To me, this was a reminder for when I have kids that bee stings hurt, so when mini Dana comes crying hysterically to me with a swollen limb, I’ll be able to relate to her pain.


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  1. Bee stings are just awful. I been lucky to have never gotten one and I hope I never do.

  2. It’s amazing how something as little as a bee sting stands out in your mind over the course of many years. My first bee sting was the day my mom left me at university. It was more of a symbolic moment that I was officially on my own, but it didn’t change the fact that I wanted to bawl my head off and be cuddled!

    • that’s what mommies are for 🙂

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