My Boobies and Me

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am taking the pledge to blog for my breasts.  Now is as good a time as any to talk about what breasts have meant to me since I first sprouted and how I view them today.

I remember bra shopping with my mom in 8th grade.  I don’t really remember being too uncomfortable with this.  I didn’t have enormous boobs and I imagine the girls that developed large breasts had more discomfort than I did.  I was, however self-conscious about having small boobs, so when I bought that 34B and my mom said, “You’ll probably be this size for a while,” it was a major let down.  Isn’t bigger better?  That’s what society tells me.  And now I’ll never be bigger, I thought.

Let’s back up two years from this time to 6th grade — the year my grandmother died.  My grandmother was a cute little red headed woman with an apartment in the Bronx that had a piano, a tiny kitchen where she cooked amazing meals, and a den where we used to play card games.  One of the last times I remember visiting my grandmother, I saw her red wig in her bedroom, and this scared the hell out of me.  My grandmother had been suffering from breast cancer and had lost her hair.  I was too young to make the connection that while I was just beginning to develop that which symbolizes my femininity, my grandmother was fighting for her life because something had gone horribly wrong with that which symbolized hers.

Fast forward to my twenties.  Mom had been right that I would remain the same size for a while, but not forever.  I did continue to grow well into my twenties.  I’ve also now seen how other women feel about their breasts.  I’ve seen women who hate their large breasts, women so insecure with their size that they get implants, bras that give the illusion of bigger or perkier breasts.  While a lot of the pressure may seem to come from men, and maybe the fashion and entertainment industries regarding this feature, it’s really something we do to ourselves at the end of the day.  There’s not enough confident women out there.

What also went along with me growing up was the increase of attention and advocacy for breast cancer research.  There have been great improvements in the medical treatment options for breast cancer patients and the survival statistics have very much improved.  So when another person close to me was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, I was confident that she would pull through, and she did, with flying colors, and minimal treatment.  I am proud to say that this person is a breast cancer survivor.

Women will always have a love/hate relationship with their breasts, and our breasts will continue to be connected to what makes us feel like women, but they do not define who we are as people.  In memory of those who lost the battle against breast cancer and in honor of those who won, we can all unite and stand up against this terrible disease to find a cure.


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  1. I am proud to say that my mother is a breast cancer survivor as well. When she was diagnosed it was scary and I was heart broken. I was very lucky that she took the right steps and was able to push through. It is scary that so many women get breast cancer.

  2. you’ve inspired me to blog about my boobies… again.

    • you just love blogging about your boobies

  3. I love this!

  4. I was in the grocery store today and if you donated $2 to breast cancer you got a pink cupcake. I thought of your blog post and spent the $2! Thanks for the inspiration – keep your girls shakin’!

    • awesome! You may not know this yet (unless you follow me on twitter) but I am OBSESSED with cupcakes. So cupcakes and fundraising for breast cancer? That’s AMAZING!!!

      • I know right!? They seem to be the next “Facebook” of food. In my city there seems to be a cupcake shop on every corner – even a vegan friendly one! Hope my ass doesn’t grow any bigger though…

      • I haven’t gotten to that topic yet, but let’s just say we big ass sisters have a strong following 🙂

  5. Beautiful b;pg Dana.Glad I was right about something.

  6. […] women (and men) all over the country are taking action to raise awareness of breast cancer.  I am once again taking the pledge to blog about this topic.  But of course, I can’t just look at it from the […]

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