The Best Holiday is Here — Halloween!

October 28, 2010 at 7:30 am | Posted in Friends Then and Now, Life and Living | 3 Comments
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I love Halloween.  I always have. From my trick-or-treating days, through to today. It’s a holiday that I can really get behind, be real festive about.  I love dressing up, having the opportunity to be someone I’m not — just for one night.

I lived near the local high school growing up, and there were lots of kids my age.  A group of us would walk the streets together, screaming ridiculous things that made no sense, and getting candy from households that knew us, for the most part. My house was particularly popular — my dad gave away the biggest bags of candy.  Weeks before Halloween, he’d sprawl out the Mini Snickers, Smarties, Butterfingers, and DumDums, and make goodie bags.  I dressed up as Lisa Simpson, and a bride, one rainy year.

Living near the high school was a bit more “dangerous” if you will, as we got into middle school and Halloween became more of a trick than a treat.  Lots of “bombing” was going on.  Kids were sneaking eggs out of their kitchens and shaving cream from their father’s cabinets and just creaming each other.  You had to watch your back if you didn’t want to turn into the marshmallow man.

By senior year and into college, and beyond, Halloween began to be more about partying. No longer young enough to ask strangers from candy, we turned to costume parties and booze.  Living on my own, my friends and I have had several epic Halloween parties over the years, but lately we’ve taken to heading downtown.  The city is an awesome place to celebrate Halloween.  It is so much fun seeing what everyone would choose as their costume.  What would it reveal about their personality?

My costume style is all about character.  I have yet to portray a real person. I’m more into superheroes and super-villains.  I don’t like to use Halloween as an excuse to be super slutty, but I don’t mind being a little sexy.  My past few costumes include the yellow-haired warrior from Kill Bill, Rainbow Brite, and the Green M&M. A favorite from college years was my SuperGirl costume. My costume for this year falls into this same vein.  I wonder what this says about me.  Perhaps these kinds of characters speak to my desire to appear strong and…. magical?  Who knows. I’m not a therapist, or a philosopher. All I know is that it’s still as fun to play dress up as it was when I was young.  I guess there are some things you never grow out of.

So, want to know what I’m gonna be?  I’ll be posting photos on my Facebook page after the fact.  Check it out and have a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!


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  1. I agree it is the best holiday you get to dress up and be someone your not or wish to be for a day. It’s just about having fun. I love going out in the city for Halloween. For some reason I think its the best when you get to go into bars or clubs dress however you like to and no one gives a shit. Some places in the city have dress codes which suck in so many ways but on Halloween you can dress up like a clown and still get in! I love this holiday : )

  2. Cool costumes and Facebook photo costume as well.

    • thanks! photos from this year to come

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