For the Love of Military Men

November 11, 2010 at 7:51 am | Posted in Life and Living, Relationship Woes | 4 Comments
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Every girl loves a man in uniform. The uniform signifies honor, and most men in uniform are men of honor who’s job it is to protect.  I personally have always found firemen and military men, in particular, attractive (I’m not a fan of cops — the fact that they can fine me cancels out the lure of the hand cuffs).  These men dedicate their lives to saving others, and put themselves at risk without a second thought.

In my life, I have dated two military men before they joined the service (Army and Marine, respectively).  These two men were incredibly sweet and hopeless romantics, yet very serious.  The kind of guys who wouldn’t forget to send flowers on Valentine’s Day and would be sure to spend their last night with you before shipping off to faraway places.  The role they chose fit them well.  Of course, as anyone who has known someone in the military would know, boot camp can make anybody get serious, and I did see an obvious change in their persona after they returned from service.

There’s just something about military men, beyond the uniform, beyond the watchful eye. There is a physical and emotional strength unmatched by any other.  And they have secrets that they are forced to keep to ensure our safety.  I don’t come from an anti-war or pro-war party.  I understand that there is evil in the world — some of which I will never know about — and knowing that there are people who fight against this evil without complaint helps me sleep at night.

Another thing about military men. Maybe it’s that they have a real vision of how short and precious life is, but it seems like they always want to settle down at a young age.  I’ve basically lost touch with these two, but last I knew, they were both I married.  I hope they are.  I have nothing but fond memories of them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

On this Veteran’s Day, I’d like to thank the men and women who are and have served for the United States of America.  You are a special group of people who without, we could not enjoy or take advantage of the great freedom that this country was founded on.  I thank those I’ve known personally for sharing their lives with me while sparing me the details of what it takes to be a hero.


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  1. As a girl in the military, most of these guys are skeezy as hell. BUT you are right, 99% of them want to get married and get married now, my first bf in the military (19) dumped me b/c I wouldn’t marry him but thanks for taking time out of your blog to think about the men and women in uniform. Honestly, we’re just a bunch of college people who party all the time but is allowed to shoot guns. It’s scary. lol

    • always happy to give credit where credit is due! And always interesting to hear the inside story 😉

  2. I just read a few of your blogs — I enjoyed reading them. I put you on my favorites list so I can follow you along the next couple of years until you turn 30 without missing a post! Keep up the good writing.



    • thanks Ava, I hope you (and I) enjoy the ride!

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