The Fight to Stay Fit

December 2, 2010 at 7:32 am | Posted in Fashion, Fitness and Beauty | 19 Comments
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There is always an excuse, always a reason not to work out.  It takes real effort and determination nowadays for me to prioritize fitness.  But it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time when I worked at the local gym.  I worked out five days a week: a half hour on the elliptical, then on to the weights and abs, alternating days between upper and lower body.  I had things going well.

In college, there was an added bonus to working out.  I could get credit towards graduation!  I took water aerobics, kick boxing, and weight training classes, and then I taught weight training.  I really loved working out, particularly lifting.

Just last week I joined the gym for the first time in three years. Yes, I went THREE YEARS without a proper fitness routine.  When I started working full time, I found it hard to fit fitness into my schedule, and it only got worse from there.  After I got my dog, he demanded a lot of attention.  Being out of the house ten hours a day, I couldn’t stand being apart from him any longer, so I went home and walked my puppy.

I did try to find a fitness routine that worked from home.  I bought a body bar, a yoga mat, and ankle weights, and being a self-proclaimed expert in weight training, I knew I could make use of these items.  But I’m not the type of person who can just up and lift weights in my apartment.  I need to be out of the house, but it also needs to be convenient for me. Plus, have you ever tried to work out with a dog near you?  It doesn’t turn out so well.  I did try running this spring, but then it just got too hot and a week long business trip through me off course.

I really enjoyed classes, so I tried finding some kind of class I could take without joining a gym.  I was very close to signing up for a pole dancing class, but that fell through.

I reasoned that I get enough exercise.  I walk the dog a mile and a half a day and go up and down the 40 stairs it takes to get into my apartment several times a day.  I can still wear the same pants I wore in college. I am fine.

But here’s the truth — the real reason why many people work out.  They have a fear of gaining weight.  And rightfully so.  You can’t have your cake, eat it, and stay thin while sitting on your ass.  I got real into working out in college for fear of gaining the freshman 15 (I didn’t) and as I get older I know it will only get harder to keep my size down.

So now the dog is no longer a puppy and with the live in boyfriend, he gets plenty of attention.  I can get back to me now.  No more excuses.


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  1. 40 steps to get into your apartment??!! That’s a workout just in itself!

    • that’s what I always said. But it’s just not enough! Though, I do credit that to me not really gaining weight 🙂

  2. I also worked at a local gym in high school. They said I can work out for free. For some reason I hated that ideas and never took their offer while I was working there. I guess its b/c I ran track in high school and already worked out a lot with the whole running thing. Gyms sometimes make me feel depressed.

  3. Yeah, I would totally need to join a gym to make myself work out. Or take a class. Something that I pay for, so that there’s a real obligation to make use of it. I mean, I still do situps and pushups in my room, but there is zero cardio in my life. Although! My great-aunt went to the doctor when she was 70 or so, and he said she had a great heart, just from living in NYC and walking around all the time and all that. Which makes me feel better about my apparently-not-entirely-inactive lifestyle, heh.

    • some exercise is better than none, and New Yorkers certainly get a lot. I can’t imagine how many steps I actually go up and down in a day on top of the steps into my apartment! Good to hear from you!

  4. The quest to stay young becomes more difficult as you get older! (LOL) In your 30’s you start to see your friends develop that pot belly that seems to solidify (LOL) and become impossible to get rid of. I think comfort and beer are the two main causes of this phenomenon. Working out makes me feel closer to 30 than to 40 (35 yrs young, can’t believe it) My wife thinks I’m working out to attract the ladies (…ummmm) but I think it has a lot to do with not wanting to age ungracefully.Long live the Perfect Pushup!

    • You are by far the youngest looking 35 year old I have ever met! I think you are aging just fine! Of course, my opinion doesn’t really matter, so hit the gym! 🙂

      • It matters…and Thank you, you don’t look 35 either (LOL), just joking… you look 18.

      • haha, very funny.

      • Alright 20! It’s a compliment!

      • I’ll take it 🙂

      • Lol there you go!

  5. I try to take my dog running, but she loves to jerk the leash to the side in order to examine one of the fifty billion goddamn rocks on the road which ends up making me fall down and get scrapes on my legs and then I call her a bitch and decide that sitting on the couch eating chocolate sounds much better than going running with my dog.

    • hahahaha! I love when I hear from you Sara! Your blog rocks my socks. Happy you are checking me out! Yea, I can’t run with my dog, he’s too fast and he’s always staring back at me and stops abruptly all the time. Pretty disruptive when you are trying to get a routine going.

    • oh yea, and eating chocolate sounds better to me than doing basically anything else.

  6. Yey! taking time for yourself is great! and the best part – the world starts treating you much better too 🙂 I hit the gym with a 36-year-old ex gymnast, who also happens to be blond… At least that takes the pressure off me because all the guys are watching her!

  7. I’m glad that you’re taking time to ensure your future hotness but there is something to be said about becoming a big ol’ gross fatty too. You’re looking great for the time being so just try to stay active and eat carefully.

    I guess I just worry that some people will get sucked into that intense “gym phase.”

    • yea, I don’t imagine I will ever be one of those people. I don’t have an addictive person and am fairly balanced with my time so I think I’ll be good. Thanks for the compliments!

  8. […] my return to the gym, I have been struggling to stay engaged and committed to exercising.  It’s not that I don’t […]

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