Stranger in My Bed

December 7, 2010 at 7:29 am | Posted in Relationship Woes | 5 Comments

His eyes are still closed as I kiss him goodbye each morning.  I have spent the last few minutes before I need to leave getting back into bed just to be with him, sometimes giving him quick updates on what’s been going on in my life, even though he is only half awake and replies in slurred words.  I take a moment to catch one last glimpse of him sleeping before walking out the door.

At night, he often comes home when I’m already in bed.  He comes in, lies down next to me, updates me on his day, and kisses me good night.  I know I’ll see him again in my dreams.

Such is the life of a couple on opposite schedules.  It’s really not always like this, but the boyfriend works freelance and lately has been working every night during the week, so our time together has been cut short. And it’s been really hard on me.

It’s not like in high school when you saw your beau in the hallways, in class, and hung out after school.  We both have responsibilities now. Adult responsibilities.  Oftentimes when we do have time to talk, we talk as roommates would: “Do you take out the garbage?” “Can you buy soap?” And sometimes, it is just really hard to get out of work-mode and just be together.

I often like to think about how we fell in love. How, when we first met the attraction was undeniable though we were forced to deny it, how years later, when the timing was right, our lips came together naturally for a perfect kiss, how we reconciled in our hearts about how we felt about each other. Beneath the drama, there was total bliss.

It’s thoughts like these that get me through the times when we don’t get to be together.  It’s thoughts like these that remind me that he’s not just some stranger in my bed — he’s my roommate, my partner, my lover, and my best friend.


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  1. Aaaahhh, the most complex part of living together is trying not to fall into the trap of the mundane. It’s tough, trust me I know, but you have to find ways to stay connected (date nights) so it doesn’t become work and lose what brought u together…damn I should get paid for this advice!

    • hahahaha! You should, and I definitely agree. Let’s go into business together.

      • Yes, I could see it, with your marketing expertise…sky is the limit…lets do it!!

  2. going thru that now except only see him for an hour! i cant imagine what you are going thru, i hope it gets better soon 🙂

    • Thanks Liz! Always the highs and lows, but somehow I manage 🙂

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