Happy First Day of Winter! Wait – what?

December 21, 2010 at 7:31 am | Posted in Life and Living | 223 Comments
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This may seem hard to believe, particularly in the northeast, but today is the first day of winter. Yey.  I apologize for my lack of excitement, but I have really grown to hate winter.

I have fond memories of winter as a kid. The typical snow memories mostly.  Climbing high piles of snow compacted by the plows, snow ball fights, snowmen.  What was special about where I grew up was where we went sledding.  In retrospect, I’m kind of creeped out by this, but back then, it was super cool.  We would go sleigh riding at the local cemetery.  There were these huge hills where there weren’t any graves that were amazing for sledding. Of course, if you got enough speed, you could easily slide over the road the separated the hill from a lineup of graves.  It’s amazing how far away you feel from death as a kid, far enough that even at the sight of graves, there is no fear.

As an adult, I have progressively started to hate the cold weather.  This year winter started early in New York and it’s been about ten degrees colder than usually.  I’m not one of those people who says I hate the winter when it’s gets too cold  and hates the summer when it gets too hot.  I really don’t like the feeling of being cold to the bone, or being worried about falling everywhere I walk.  And rightfully so.  Two winters ago I slipped on black ice and fell on my head and had some sort of minor concussion that left me spacey for three days.

The winter makes me not want to go out or do anything.  I guess it’s a classic case of seasonal depression.  So in an effort to fight this desire to escape to a tropical island, I try to think about the positive of winter…..




Ok, ok, I got this.  Hot chocolate.  Warm fireplaces (if you can find one).  Cuddling in blankets.  The view of fresh snow on the ground.  Soup.  Watching the dog play in the snow.

That’s all I got.  What helps you make it through the winter?


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Winter started early here also and it’s shaping up to be a long and snowy one.

    Like you I remember with great fondness my childhood winter fun times, playing in the snow till our cheeks would be bright red from the cold. Digging snow forts and having snowball fights, sledding down treacherous hills over barely frozen creeks.

    Good times indeed, but now the sight of a snowflake has me cursing.
    I am turned into Scrooge of old. Humbug! I don’t know when it happened but I hope that the Christmas Spirit brings back a little of that joy over the holidays.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours this season.

  2. One thing helps me through winter: WRITING! (especially now that I’ve started my blog, and I’m having a total blast with it…)

    Oh, and wine. Good wine.


    • good call

      • Same here. It’s been raining for three consecutive days here in San Diego.

    • Don’t forget salsa-dancing in L.A. and San Diego. Never snows here, at least not since the last Ice Age.

    • yes true . eat drink rest . winter – u add weight on me

  3. Grats on FP!

    Oddly, I still love winter after 6 years living in Sweden. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in southern Mississippi and the seasons are limited to ‘Hot and Green’, ‘Not-Hot but Soggy and Murky Green Brown’. Seasons are still magical to me. My husband rolls his eyes at me when I giggle at large drifting snowflakes landing on my face.

    My only two complaints about the coldest of the four seasons are I can’t cycle and at the time of the solstice, the days are officially less than 6 hours long in this part of the country. At least we don’t live in the far north! I can’t imagine living in the upper parts of Sweden where ‘day’ is just a murky sort of dusk. I’d find that quite distasteful.

    Maybe in another 10 years or so, I’ll have learned to hate winter.

  4. I hate snow. The cold I don’t mind but Snow sucks when you own a car. What helps me get through the winter is sleep. For some reason I sleep better in the winter time then any other time of the year.

  5. Oh, baby! I actually do miss a snowy winter! See, I’m in California now, and it means just one thing – RAIN!.. Rain day and night, night and day… It’s not cold, just very-very wet… Don’t get me wrong – I am not a fan of slippery icy roads. But now I’d rather have some white and fluffy snow that a super boring non-stop rain for daaaays… It’s my first winter in CA… Meanwhile, stay safe! No slipping and falling this year, k? 🙂

    • I’ll try!

    • Hooray!!!!! I love the snow! I was out in garden building a snowman yesterday & when we had built the snowman we added the finishing touches! Eyes, big nose, smile, arms and of course a hat we then gave him a broom to hold! Then we took photos of each other with the snowman. Will upload photos of snow scenes & snowman to PC tomorrow (Too busy today playing games!) will then upload them to FB to share the fun we had! I have a car & drive. Last year when it snowed I drove to work & was half hour late. Started to apologise to my manager but she said she had not expected me in because I had the farthest journey!?! 6 floor office & only enough staff in to man one floor!!!!!! Many staff who lived in the same town the office was situated did not get there!!!!!!!! Shame we did not have time for a snowball fight yesterday so hoping for more snow & the fun we can have with it!!!!!!!

  6. Watching other people fall on the ice. Kidding! I love baking cookies and all that stuff.

    • LOL! I fell at the gas station yesterday. Literally did a nose dive/face plant into the snow/ice. Half the town saw. If you had been there, you would have been rolling on the floor!

      • probably! Only because I’ve totally been there. Falling is funny, sometimes.

      • oooh alaska . in winter . cherry on icing

  7. I hate it, just hate it, feel like I’m being robbed. I agree the blog helps but to live chasing summer would be a dream come true.

  8. oh one more thing, I booked a trip to Sicily (warmer than the east coast USA) for February, now that helped some, I can look forward to the trip, never been to Sicily than when I get back I can say to myself well only two-more months of torture.

    • a good trip on the horizon will do it. And I LOVE Italy. Never been to Sicily either. One day

  9. A little reality tv will put things in perspective – for instance, I’d rather be cold than half starving and covered with bug bites like the people on Survivor, and my life looks pretty good compared to the people on Hoarders or Intervention. For sheer entertainment, nothing beats Millionaire Matchmaker. On the other hand, cold icy winters suck no matter what you do.

    • guilty pleasures. We’re not as crazy as them, ha!

  10. Wearing sweater vests. It’s like getting an all-day hug.

  11. Wine & Nyquil, sister! Nap of Champions!
    Cheers on getting Freshly Pressed,

  12. oh dear.. be more careful when you’re out in the snow next time!

  13. Coffee and food….. And pyjamas and down duvets. Must admit- I battle with it too, and we don’t even get snow!!!

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  15. I hate snow. I hate winter. I hate the cold. The only thing that gets me through is the promise of spring. When the warmer weather finally does come back, I feel like I’ve survived something and life once again feels good!

  16. The crystal beauty of ice and snow hanging from the trees, but not letting them get too heavy so they snap off and down the power lines. I like hanging out at home so the winter gives me more excuses to read and relax. Time moves so quickly for me now that before I know it spring will be here again. The winter reminds me that things die and are reborn.

    • nicely put

    • Yes,
      I agree. Winter is one of those seasons we may not like, but as you said, it’s all a part of the process of life. And there is something some beautiful and pure about new snow covering the whole earth in white.

      Winter has it’s good parts

  17. Today. I live for the winter solstice, knowing that everything gets brighter from here. I can survive the cold and snow, as long as I know we are gaining daylight. Warmth is on its way 🙂

  18. Thinking about the coming summer! lol

  19. Living in the south where it was 75 degrees yesterday is how I make it through the winter!!

    I’m okay with vacationing in the snow. Well, actually driving somewhere where I can enjoy the pretty snow through a plate glass window, like Aspen. Or flying somewhere that has heated sidewalks in front of the hotels, stores and restaurants to keep the snow in front of the camera but away from the feet, like Helsinki.

    Good luck making it through an Eastern winter and happy holidays!

    • thanks, and enjoy the sun for me!

  20. I live in Florida but I was raised in Upper Michigan. The prospect of cold weather makes me physically ill. Seriously. I’m a winterhater, too.

  21. It’s 81 degrees in the South today. 81 degrees!!! That doesn’t feel even a little bit like the holidays. I’m praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it will get chilly later in the week…the forecast says it will drop to 49 on Saturday…that’s more like it!

    Also, sitting on the couch with my significant other eating peanut butter fudge while watching, ‘A Christmas Story’ — hands down one of the best holiday movies of all time: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085334/.

    Congrats on FP, and happy holidays!

    • thanks! and now I want peanut butter fudge

  22. I love winter here in Bangladesh. But that’s another story. In summer days, you know Air Conditioners and Electric Fans are used everywhere which consumes a lot of electricity. As a result, the demand becomes higher than production. So, we face electricity disruption for about 8-10 hours every day. This is called Load-Shedding in here.

    In winter, we are relieved from that. This is why we Bangladeshis mostly love winter. 😐 I know it’s weird, but can you imagine 8 to 10 hours every day without electricity? This is real, no matter what you think.

    • wow, thanks for the cultural perspective! Love learning something new.

  23. I love winter. Of course I live in Texas and it is never that cold here. Plus, it doesn’t snow often so when it does it’s great!! We need the winter after our grueling summers…


    • I’m in Texas also, and winter is pretty exciting! Of course, it’s a boring 77 degrees today… I would LOVE some snow and some biting cold wind. 🙂

    • It must be really harsh running in Texas weather o.O

    • I agree… Texas weather can be great 🙂 I enjoyed the nice weather yesterday… might be the last 80+ temp day for awhile.

  24. Winter means I get to see all my family! All the holidays, birthdays, vacations. That more than makes up for all the cold weather!

    • that’s very sweet 🙂

  25. Besides all the things you said…hot chocolate or hot tea…..blankets……fireplace, I would say working. When I’m working I don’t see the weather outside. It’s like I’m frozen in time inside with the bright lights and all the people making the store feel we actually have a heater on. It’s only when I go outside to drive home I realize it’s rainy and gloomy. I can hardly wait til summer!!


  26. My view of winter is ever changing. I live and grew up in the upper Midwest, bitter cold Midwest. Like you I loved sledding in the winter, we would spend hours trudging up steep hills just to race down. When it was time to go home we walked stiff legged in frozen blue jeans.

    Then came adulthood, commuting, and for a while truck driving. None of these are fun in the snow. Now that I am no longer a truck driver, my hope is to learn to like winter again, with a mild tolerance for the cold.


  27. Winter became less exciting for me while in college. Still, the snow is much better than the gloomy late fall weather we had in the midwest. Christmas, New Year’s, and other special events help get me through the winter.

    • happy occasions, indeed

  28. Snow is pretty awesome, thats neat that you get that for winter! It’s much worse if it’s just cold! There’s always a bright side 🙂

    • always 🙂

      • I love snowball lol

    • i agree! check out snowaroundtheworld.wordpress.com and become a part of an art project! your photos can be seen all around the world!

  29. I love Starbucks hot choclolate. It is delicous, and I always have cookies or brownies with it. I like snow, just not slush. Plus, I love Christmas.

    • yes! I have been visiting Starbucks more frequently lately…

  30. Winter can be a time to re-energize. It’s an opportunity to cleanse, reset goals and reconnect to our vital essence. Like a lake in winter: it seems like it is frozen, and that all life has ceased. However, underneath the surface, the lake is revitalizing itself by completely turning over. This created by change in temperature and ice… building new nutrients. Remember, the buds on trees have already been set for spring. And, the sun’s light is making its great return as we move through this season.:)

    • beautifully said. I’ll try to remember these words when I’m waiting for my train in 10 degree weather 🙂

  31. Winter came early in DC this year as well! To get through winter I like to drink eggnogg, look at pretty lights, eat yummy food made in our crockpot and drink lots of wine! 🙂 Oh and just remember that yes, today is the first day of winter, but it also means every day from here on out is only going to get longer!

  32. What’s winter? Here in northern California we have summer and then the rainy season.

    • lol, come visit and you’ll understand.

  33. Staying healthy. Some say a summer cold is the worst but when it is is dark and grey and cold, it mirrors how you feel when sick. So I am drinking more tea and attempting to find good health once more. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

    • Yeah, I usually get a runny nose when winter starts….it’s really annoying.

    • thanks!

  34. Lots of blankets, an excuse to sit on the sofa for hours with a hot water bottle and a good book. 🙂

  35. I hate to be rotten…but I live in Arizona now, I left the North East behind in the dust and don’t miss the cold! So happy to be gone from that mess.My sympathy is extended to all you involved with the snow, cold, and dreary mess, been there done that! Wish you sun & warmth at least in your thoughts!


  36. Hot buttered cinnamon raisin toast.

    • YUM

      • Ah, yes, now I haven’t had hot buttered cinnamon AND SUGAR on raisin toast for zonks, at least not since I was married, many moons ago. Along with a hot cup of strong white Earl Grey tea and toasty slippers…yes, that’s what makes winter bearable! :< )

  37. candels! the dark season is the best contrast for some warm, living light 🙂

    • good one! I gotta get some candles

  38. A great and real Italian hot chocolate really makes the difference for me! (Here the recipe http://wp.me/pXsUB-yz)
    I’m an Italian living in Canada, so winter it’s really hard for me… this is my adventure http://wp.me/pXsUB-m0
    Thank you so much for this post!

    • love me some italians 🙂

  39. What’s not to love about winter? Although summer is usually the darling of most, with its long days, freshly cut grass, bare feet, cotton dresses and cool lemonades…winter, ahh, winter conjures up images of cozy fires, layers upon layers of woolen clothing, red noses, long conversations while holding warm drinks, white landscapes, and decadent sweet treats…

    • images are one thing – the reality of the cold is another! But there will always be those who handle it better than others 🙂

  40. I grew up in the south (Oklahoma) where the snow was gone as soon as it hit the ground most of the time. I don’t mind the snow now that I live in the Midwest.

    However, when the weather gets truly chilling, I find an extra warm jacket and some nice boots help me through.

  41. I live in the midwest. So, everyday, I wish I were in a place such as Arizona. My friend loves to rub it in when she’s in the midst of nice weather; she lives in Florida. She even sent me a post card–a few winters ago–with snowy scene on one side and a picture of the warm, sunny beach on the other side. On the sunny side, it said: Don’t you wish you were here? How cruel! Of course, we laughed about the card. But, I do wish that I lived where the sun shined more often.

  42. I moved far far away from winter!

    When I did live in Canada (many more miles north than NY) I would cross-country ski. It was especially beautiful in the Rocky Mountains, sometimes I would see wildlife which reassures you that life goes on even in the dead of winter.

    Baking became a necessity! I used to paint as well. Board games were popular around the holidays too.

    • God, I went to Quebec one October. TOTALLY underestimated the cold. Props to you!

  43. I live in Finland and it seems like there is no end to this snowing this year. I’m bored of walking wet and cold to work. I’m bored of layered clothing, I’m bored of it getting dark after 3 pm.

    This winter wonderland can sometimes just be a hell.

    • hope you have a nice pair of UGGs!

  44. in the words of ub40…red, red wine.

  45. The winter solstice is a 6:38 EST today, about three hours from now. That makes this the shortest day of the year. So from now until June the days keep getting longer.

  46. Dunking cookies in the hot chocolate is awesome! I know what you mean about winter starting early. We usually don’t get much snow until January or February, and it already started at the beginning of December.

    • reminds me of churros in espana!

  47. I read somewhere that reminding yourself it will be over and is only temporary helps. That might help NOW, but by February I’m too depressed to really feel like winter will ever be over! I know, I know, not helpful, right?

    I, too have progressively liked Winter less as I’ve gotten older. But I lived in Chicago for 8 years as an adult and let me tell you, it was a lot worse there. The snow was formidable, and having to dig your car out of a parking spot was a frequent occurrence.

    In the NYC area at least, there isn’t as much snow. Yes, it’s been v. cold this year for December, and I am praying and hoping this extra cold will not persist, but still, when I remind myself I could be living in Chicago with a ton of snow AND -20 on many a day, I tend to feel somewhat lucky. Emphasis on SOMEWHAT.

    What about those seasonal lights that are supposed to help? I keep thinking I’ll get them, then don’t, then at the end of winter remember I “should have”, and vow to get them for the next winter. Have you tried those?

    Finally, winter sex. Under the covers. That’s fun! Keeps your mind off the weather for sure.

    But I’d rather be somewhere nice and warm for the winter. And somewhere cool in summer. Just can’t swing it though, so guess I’ll go make cookies and have hot chocolate.

    • winter sex! Good one! Summer sex is messy sometimes.

      • Winter sex is cuddlier, for sure!

  48. I live in Alaska and I am training for the Iditarod so I love the snow of course. Up here we count the days until the lakes freeze over enough to mush our big teams across without falling thru!

    I know what you mean though, the cold does get to you in the endless days of only 3.5 hours of light and the midnight sun’s days of June and July where you can play softball and mow the lawn at 2 am is only a few months away.

    Great blog!

    Robert Forto, PhD
    Team Ineka

    • Thanks! Lovin the Alaska love!

  49. Happy First Day of Winter! Wait – what? « Pushing Thirtyy…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  50. I know I shouldn’t be complaining about Southern California weather where we only get snow in the mountains and “cold” temperatures of 40-50 degrees.

    • at least you know. 🙂

    • so u like to be more colder

  51. I admit I get frustrated with all the inconveniences and discomforts, but it makes me appreciate springtime all the more. And I love all the sparkly starkness of the landscape – just really hate the mushy yukky parts. And who doesn’t like sledding, come ON!

  52. Well, the winters feel longer here in Alaska. But some things that help me make it through the winter are: vitamin D capsules, rip-roaring fires, tons of movies, snuggling with my dogs under a heated blanket, making soup, making HUGE breakfasts (for all meal times), reading books, writing, taking photographs of the snow, making icicles, and eating ice cream 😉

    Oh yeah, and looking at pictures of Jamaica, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, etc. also helps 🙂

    • wow, Alaska. Just… wow!


      • Yeah…it’s fun 🙂 Winters are on acid up here! I have a blog about Alaska. http://ca2ak.blogspot.com

      • will definitely check that out! Need to break out from the shell of the northeast 🙂

    • i love alaska

  53. The first day geez it feels like it has been winter forever. I have had enough already.

  54. Well, having grown up in Japan where snow was a constant every year, what got me through it was the idea of a hot mocha with mini-marshmellows waiting at home for me 🙂 Now that I live in Tacoma, snow has been replaced with rain (perhaps not this year!), so really, what gets me through it is maintaining my health, staying warm, cuddling with my dog, and lighting scented candles at home. I recently got a “homemade cookie” candle from my friend for my birthday – amazing.

    • oooh cuddling with the dog. That’s a good one!

  55. I dislike winter too! I’m from PA where there’s nothing but snow lol

  56. This might help allay your Seasonal Affective Disorder (it does for me):


    • that is really cute, but probably not very maniac dog-friendly. 🙂

  57. What I hate about winter is the painful cold…seriously, it hurts more than hot weather. I hate shoveling snow also. Plus, I have to walk for half an hour to my bus stop each morning for school which, believe me, is one heck of a chilly trek.
    What I do love about winter is snowboarding and sledding though. Those 2 things make winter worth it’s place as 1 of the 4 seasons :).

  58. I totally love snow. And Christmas.
    With some extra clothes on, you can fight the cold and enjoy winter 😉

    • I definitely give you credit. All the bundling up in the world won’t work for me!

  59. I’m one of those weird ducks that enjoys snow and winter … but I don’t love the lack of sun here in Western MI. So … whenever possible, I try to get INTO the sunshine when it appears. I agree with you on the soup, cuddling and cocoa though. And a roaring fire never hurts. Cheers and congrats on being freshly pressed! 😉

  60. I left Colorado (brrr) in 1988 and moved to Los Angeles. THAT’s how I get through winter… avoidance.

  61. It’s super snowy where i live at the moment, it’s causing chaos. I love the snow (when i have nothing to go out for) but i have to get to work! I can’t wait for next week when it’s Christmas and i can sit in all cosy and chill out.

    On the sledging in a cemetery, you were a brave child, i think seeing death literally hurtling towards me whilst i’m stuck riding what is basically an oversized ice skate would scare me silly.

    • pleading complete ignorance here 🙂

  62. Salsa-dancing, writing and exercise!

  63. I used to love snow, I was outside until I couldn’t feel any part of my face or hands. Now that I’m a little older, I prefer only going outside when needed!

    • ditto. You don’t feel anything as a kid!

      • Roger that!

  64. The only thing that gets me through is the knowledge that the days will get longer. Granted it’s as slow as molasses running uphill in the dead of a Maine winter but, those few extra minutes of daylight each day help my sanity.

  65. I live in TX and it’s close to 80 degrees here today and yesterday. It’ll probably be 42 tomorrow, that’s just how we do it in the south!
    Enjoy your hot cocoa!

  66. I stepped outside last night to celebrate the start of the winter solstice and watch the lunar eclipse — I ran inside after I had a sasquatch sitting. I agree. Winter sucks.



    PS Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    • oddly enough I was up at 4 am for no actual reason and I didn’t even look out the window! I’ll youtube it later. 🙂 Thanks!

    • u r right . its cold and dry but brings warm thoughts

  67. I like this winter poem! share
    Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
    Blow, blow, thou winter wind.
    Thou art not so unkind
    As man’s ingratitude;
    Thy tooth is not so keen,
    Because thou art not seen,
    Although thy breath be rude.
    Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green holly:
    Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly:
    Then, heigh-ho, the holly!
    This life is most jolly.
    Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
    That dost not bite so nigh
    As benefits forgot:
    Though thou the waters warp,
    Thy sting is not so sharp
    As friend remember’d not.
    Heigh-ho! sing, &c.

  68. Here is a list of things to enjoy during winter-time: skiing, ice-skating, long scarves and pretty sweaters, high boots, snowflakes on your lashes, sparkles everywhere, snow frost outlining each and every branch on trees, the sound of snow under your feet, long shadows, warm hugs, more sweaters, mittens on the rubber band so they don’t get lost, making fingerprint designs on frozen windows, sitting inside with a cup if hot tea watching the snow fall, curling up under the blanket with a book, the quiet streets, the heated car seat… Also, the cold would be a great excuse to have hot spiced wine 🙂
    But then again, I miss all of the above living in a tropical country. Summer all year long is a bit tiring, trust me.

    Also, think about it – if there was no winter, would we know the difference well enough to appreciate summer? “)

    • very sweet list! I need more cute winter clothes. Sweaters make me look fat. 🙂

  69. Move to Texas! It was 80 degrees today! lol

  70. I don’t get snow where I live (San Diego), but we’ve had a LOT of rain, lately. When it’s too wet to go outside, I find simple things to do around the house. Drawing, reading, playing guitar, and playing video games are things that help me get through the winter. Spending time with family and friends is pretty nice, too.

  71. I am a Southern Texas transplant from Ohio. I miss the snow on Christmas Eve… It never feels like Christmas here. It snowed about an inch a few years ago and it melted the next day! It’s 10 degrees warmer this month, which makes it feel like summer is going to stick around for a while more! That’s right, it’s summer in December here! Summer all the time, really, with a month of cool weather in between if the jet stream decides to shift a bit southward. It hasn’t rained since September! I’d give anything to see ice sickles hanging off a roof, snow drifting up the stairs onto my front porch, and snowflakes swirling around a streetlight! Happy Holidays!

    • the grass is always greener!

  72. what gets me through winters? exercise! blogs/reading, cooking, movies (a lot of it) and tv shows. oh and dabble in some music too, like playing an instrument or listening to new things


  73. I’m also sick of this early to snow winter. I was becoming so negative about everything, that I decided to come up with three positive things about each day in the month of December. Some days have been much more difficult than others. So far, I have found three for each day. Try it. It helps keep it from becoming too overwhelming.

    Congratulations on the FP post!

    • I really like that idea! Might have to steal it. Thanks!

  74. thanks alot.

  75. Brandy in coffee, reading books and putting my far infrared heating pad under my back helps to get me through.

  76. winter brings me happy christmas and dry skin
    two side of a coin

  77. I personally love winter. It could be more of a longing kind of love as we get no snow and if we did and had to be holed in, I’d probably love it a little less.

    Try nice and vibrant winter wear. Nothing like colours to cheer you up.
    Then of course there’s Christmas: think of Santa and bells and turkey.
    And of course, contrasts make life so much more enchanting.

    Happy Winter and congrats on being Freshly Pressed. 🙂

  78. I hate winter too for so many reasons, first of all the COLD weather, the clothes that make us look as double our sizes, studying with the kids, staying at home and not wanting to get dressed and go out as everywhere will be cold and you have to wear layers and layers, the rain will spoil your boots, and because I am living far away from my family and friends whom I get to see only in SUMMER.

  79. Agreed, it’s great to begin with but as soon as England gets a flake of snow, everything stops working! It’s ridiculous.

  80. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new gadget, the granny heater, which tends to follow me in and out of every room, and two duvets… which is very nice until you try to get out of bed… 🙂 Maybe we should just all hibernate until it passes.

    If the weather’s this bad now, are we in for more in January!?

    • more in January and February and March!

  81. Not to be an ass, but your wrong. The winter solstice is the middle of the winter, hence it’s called mid-winter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_solstice

    From the 21, the sun gets stronger and the days longer. It’s not the first day of winter.

    • you might want to reread that page…and every calendar the Western world. “Though the winter solstice lasts only a moment in time, the term is also a turning point to midwinter or the first day of winter to refer to the day on which it occurs.” It’s the first day of winter, and a turning point in which our days get longer.

  82. Great post! Winter used to really bum me out, then I started snowboarding and I actually look forward to the white stuff — at least on the mountain!! Having an activity to do outside definitely helps me get through winter…

    But for those weekends we’re not on the mountain then good wine, good food and friends in a warm, cozy home are great distractions from the cold outside.

    And it really has only just begun … *sigh*

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    Drive on,
    – M.

  83. The thing I hate the most about winter is how much of a slob I turn into. The cold makes me want to wear nothing but big, unflattering sweaters and jeans with a pair of tights underneath.

    But, since I got married to a guy who actually really loves winter, I’ve come to appreciate it quite a bit more! I think what gets me through are the big fat fluffy snow flakes that come every so often. They’re so beautiful against the streetlights and make the world so soft and quiet.

  84. The best thing about winter is that it will come to an end. The ground will thaw and it will be time to plant, spinach and peas first. I spend the cold winters in NY waiting for spring so I can plant my crops, one after another, curse the ground hogs, and look forward to the harvest. -As it is, life on the farm.

  85. I can’t believe it is winter 2010 already! I don’t like the ice. 😦 A very good post on a very good blog. Well done!

  86. no winter in my country, har har… i would really like to see some snow. 😦
    btw, congrats for being featured in WordPress! 😀

  87. No kidding. By December 22, winter always feels like it’s in full swing to me. Excitement about Christmas gets me through the first bit, and excitement about spring through the second bit. I don’t like wishing life away like that, but there you have it.

    Here are the things that I think make winter bearable: Christmas, tea, socks, soup, my fireplace, the knowledge that it doesn’t last forever.

  88. its been fablously picturesque here in England its been snowng
    since november the snow is piling-up havent seen any snowmen though havent made any either people have been ordering their shopping
    on-line in remote places rather than go shopping
    i havent been out I am IN uneployment Happy Christmas 2010

  89. Winter is not my favorite subject but I feel I am forced to share some thoughts…first Congrats to Dana your blog is hot lol…now back to the cold…I love nyc in the winter…it’s gritty yes but also soulful and bright and shiny with the lights and the hustle and nothing beats the city during Christmas always loved it growing up.

  90. Can’t stand the cold. I feel for those living in much colder climes since I, too, refuse to do much when the weather turns so cold. Friends of mine who grew up in cold places claim that eating healthy (fruits and veggies) helps you acoomodate the cold. I think they are deluding themselves.
    Wish you the best this season and hope you make it through the winter unscathed.

    • yea, that doesn’t sound like it makes sense. But you made me think of one! Chili!! YUMMMMM

  91. Oh good, seasonal depression is a real thing. I get through winter eating spicy food and listening to South American music. Nothing like denial!

  92. Midwesterner here. Haven’t seen the sun in DAYS. I think that, combined with the recent moon happenings, is making everyone NUTS. Maybe it’s the holidays, but I swear, everyone is extra stressed with a hint of “Blah.”

    • definitely feeling the blah!

  93. At this point, I’m pretty much just saying, ‘Happy Holidays’ – it’s easier to keep straight:


  94. As a Swedish Minnesotan, who grew up in 4-5 foot drifts of snow each year, I have two things that help me get through the winter…both of which are Northern Country/Scandinavian traditions.

    1) Sauna’s (the BEST way to melt that cold away)
    2) Cross-Country Skiing (the BEST way to get out and get exercise)

    With those two winter figthing weapons, I have come to really enjoy winters now. Snuggling up next to a loved one is always quite nice in the winter time too!

    • Skiing sounds like fun. I would love to do it one day, but for now, sledding will have to do.

  95. Winter is when a new year begins. New life, a new chance.

  96. Oh the joys of winter… yuck… I use to like it as a kid the sledding the skating, skiing, all the fun winter activities. This year we have already gotten 26+ inches of snow.. its horrible and depressing.
    Stay WArm!

  97. Dana, I’m not very helpful in coping with the cold. Like you, I don’t like cold weather and avoid it at all cost. Having lived in southern California gets me totally spoiled. I complain when it’s 50s. And for winter vacations, we always pick a place that’s warmer.

    I admire you for your ability to live through this weather!

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed. And happy holidays – it looks like you are going to have a white Christmas!

  98. This makes me MISS the snow and the cold! I live in AZ now, but as I kid I lived in Erie, PA. It really is a completely different experience as a kid, so perhaps that is what I’m actually missing. Come to think of it, I traveled to Minneapolis a week ago and it wasn’t as fun as I remember. And I too hated being afraid of slipping and falling with every step. Be careful and stay warm!

  99. Wow I wish it WAS winter here, its summer and 31 degrees. Nice post 😉

  100. I love the winter time. It’s so refreshing. It is cold, and hard to get around in, but its beautiful. I think people complain too much about every season; summer’s too hot..winter’s too cold..spring’s too rainy..fall’s not warm enough.. just enjoy the weather!

  101. I wrote yesterday about winter. What gets me through is seed catalogs. Please check out my blog. I am a new writer on this forum.

    • will do. My post went up yesterday too. Great minds think alike! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  102. I hate. Winter is as good an excuse as any other for expressing it. Forcing itself from me, kicking and screaming at cold hearted seasonings of goodwill.

  103. Mostly I just try to make it through it. I’m so with you on winter-hatred. I love everything about summer, even the extreme heat, and I loathe everything about winter. Especially the dark. I get so absurdly depressed it’s ridiculous!

  104. […] This may seem hard to believe, particularly in the northeast, but today is the first day of winter. Yey.  I apologize for my lack of excitement, but I have really grown to hate winter. I have fond memories of winter as a kid. The typical snow memories mostly.  Climbing high piles of snow compacted by the plows, snow ball fights, snowmen.  What was special about where I grew up was where we went sledding.  In retrospect, I’m kind of creeped out by … Read More […]

  105. never touch the snow, wondering how does it feels?

    • cold and wet 🙂

      • yeahhh of course hahaha

  106. I have seasonal depression I hate winter, everything is harder in winter even waking up so I could not agree more with you.

  107. Oh boy…I agree. After living for years and years in a cold climate, I finally determined that having warm gloves and warm boots helps more than I can describe. Sounds so rational, but I didn’t get it until last year.

    Get some nice warm boots and don’t forget your gloves!

    Take care of yourself. Congrats on being freshly pressed!


    • thanks! I have my UGGs. They certainly help!

  108. Well my bed mostly…

    As like you, I really, really don’t like this time of year.

    Details here 😉

  109. “but I have really grown to hate winter”

    Merry Christmas!

  110. no way! you are missing out on all the fun.
    the key to winter is:
    warm clothers – wool , thermals, silk
    good shoes/boots

    wrap up to your nose, don’t care what you look like, enjoy the cold air on your face while everything else is warm. mmmmmm! the best feeling ever. appreciate nature and what this is all about.
    Wishing you a great winter 🙂

  111. Winter? what’s that? never heard the word before in me life …
    what’s below zero? what is snow?

    Sorry, no idea what you’re talking about.

    Ooops sorry I have to go, surf’s up here in Australia and one must go surfing before the flies wake up with the morning heat.


    (now, now… don’t be too jealous 🙂

  112. I hate the winter too. But I’d actually rather be hot and sweaty in the summer than freezing my butt of the in the winter. My way of coping? Being out as little as possible. Of course, then I feel cooped up at home all day and that doesn’t help the blues much…

  113. I must admit that I’m always looking foreward to winter and when it’s here I hate it! I didn’t mind it so much back in The Netherlands, but here in Shanghai it’s aweful! One day it’s like spring (sunny, cool air,birds singing, the whole lot) and the next it’s freezing and snowing. Oh yeah, the following day it’s raining. It seems like winter is every season in one here, except for summer, and that it can’t make up it’s mind…
    I just want to know what to ware before I leave the house in the morning, is that too much to ask?

    • layers, wear layers! 🙂

      • haha yes, that’s what I’ve been doing to the point I can hardly move!

  114. Sleigh riding at the local cemetery? Sounds like it could be good fun… When I was a kid (growing up in Hawaii), we would give our left arm for a precious snow day. All we did to entertain ourselves is wait until dark and go to the local golf course. We would then wait until the sprinklers went off (yes, more waiting), and slide down the grassy/drenched hills on body boards. Similar winter time memories yet such opposing climates 🙂 Great post!

    • that sounds like fun too! definitely muddy and not as cold I’d imagine!


  115. I wish it snowed here in our country.

  116. yep. good thoughts. you nailed it. with you on all of them. i’d rather die of heat exhaustion than to be cold. older i get, the more i wanna be bi-hemispherical.

    winter is great for kids (and when we was kids) – great memories indeed! looks like you have an added reason to hate winter with that fall. yikes!

  117. No winter in my country, dear pushing thirty, and no snow (except for the peaks of Jayawijaya Mountain, far away to the east). However, I grown up with novels full of winter description and I believe I have an empathy for snow, sleigh etc. By the way, do you really have no fear with death when you played at the cemetery? I read once that children mostly see death as a person – most often the person is scarry. Have you not afraid at all? I myself, 30 now :-), feel and think about death continuously – not that I am one of those necrophiles. Do you think about it – death – often?

    • I had to look up where Jayawijaya Mountain is. Indonesia? Amazing!

      I feel like as a kid I wasn’t afraid of death and I definitely didn’t understand it, other than it was something that happened to old people. You never think you could die when you are young. Of course, now that I’m older, I understand that it could happen any time to anyone.

  118. Knowing that I can come home to a small little jacuzzi makes any winter night a bit brighter. Hot chai…movies…baking in a warm kitchen…just a few things that bring me comfort. Snuggling up in an electric blanket, buying new scarves at Target, having movie marathons for the entire day while lazing on the couch (like today!). Sigh…now, you actually make me wish there was a blizzard outside!

    Kudos on being FP!

    • you had me at jacuzzi 🙂

  119. Ahh yes winter is definitely here, especially here in San Diego! We just set the record for the most rainfall over the last 20 years…..so many places are flooded–yikes!

    I agree with your thoughts on winter–it’s a pretty gloomy time with all the overcast and short, short days. But when the sun does shine, it’s absolutely beautiful. I love crisp air mixed with sunshine; it feels as if everything sparkles.

    And yes, hot chocolate, a warm fireplace, someone to cuddle with, and discovering the beauty of winter, really makes time fly by, and before you know it, New Year has arrived and springs just around the corner.

  120. I’m going to be no help to you in your quest to see the sunny side of the dark side of the year. I live in NC and do not have to suffer nearly as much as you do but suffer I do. This is the first year where when the first really cold day that got dark wayyy to early came I declared my loathing for the cold/winter. I’m sure if I were in Colorado in an expensive ski resort I could find enjoyment for winter. However this is not an option and my cold blooded nature needs the warmth to be happy. I just try to focus on the positives of the holiday season and the people I get to spend time with. I do love the christmas holiday though. Things that make me happy (in no particular order) are my old favorite decorations, roasted chestnuts and beer, decorating the tree, holiday parties where you get to dress up a bit, scarves (I LOVE scarves) and hats, christmas music and certain holiday movies (exa: old ones with Bing Crosby, it’s not Christmas without Bing and modern ones like Love Actually). Hope you stay as warm as possible and have a great holiday.

  121. i love your ideas on this! i think i might suscribe! 😉 looking forward to summer helps me through winter. congrats on FP!



  122. Good blogging, in this year in my country we don’t see snow and it is very Strange! Because we have snow in any year!

  123. Hate cold. and I live in the tropics 😛

  124. You should enjoy your winter! Winter where I live is just a lot of rain, sometimes it’s not even cold!
    As for what gets me through it, just wearing my favorite hoodie makes me happy:)

  125. I felt much the same way as you about Winter when I lived in England. Last Winter was their coldest in 30 years, I was in a horrible damp flat with no heating and didn’t feel warm once for about 8 months.

    So I moved.

    To the Mediterranean. The Winter is MUCH warmer here (although a bit chilly occasionally). And am I glad I did, when I see the news… coldest and snowiest winter in something like 170 years. Looks like I moved just in time- I’d recommend emigration to anyone sick of cold winters 🙂 have a great Christmas xx

    • pretty extreme. I like it!

  126. I’m with you all the way. It’s way too cold this year! And we’re having snow that ices over for a week here in Cornwall, England. No matter how many layers I wear, I just can’t seem to get warm! Things that help me through…duvets, films, scarves, working in bed (on a laptop; I’m not a prostitute, honest! 🙂 ) hot, strong coffee, plenty of naps and using a light box – that really helps combat the lack of daylight.
    But it’s Christmas Eve – the days are getting longer and summer’s on its way 🙂
    Merry Christmas, everyone 🙂

  127. Hot baths and moisturiser, my trusty inhaler, instant noodles and my favourite hoodie 🙂 Admittedly, it doesn’t get all that cold in Karachi. Love it.

  128. I’m from Ukraine and the winter is really horrible in our country. My kids help me get through, they are fond of snowflakes, snowmen and ice – all these things that just irritate me so much. They are so funny playing outside that I can’t help laughing. But you’re right: the winter is boring and as to me it should be shorter! Happy Christmas!

  129. The conjunction of all of the Astro events was very spiritually meaningful to me — lots of HUGE energy, and a very powerful “fresh slate” kinda feel! Solstice Blessings to you & Yours!

  130. Living on the flats in Colorado. No snow here but 7-8 feet up in the mountains this past week. Great for the skiers and our summer water needs. I do hate a brown Christmas. Makes the Christmas lawn ornaments looks really silly!

  131. I love the picture of the bear! So nice!

  132. Great post and great blog! I totally agree with you, it is difficult to embrace winter – I dream about tropical vacation spots on a daily basis, and it is sometimes so hard to stay upbeat. I do have one other positive to add to your list though, skiing. Skiing is the one thing I love about winter – the feeling of being up in the mountains above the clouds, the sun on your face when it’s gray down below, and the beautiful scenery. The best place for this is the French / Swiss Alps:).

    • wish I skiied, but alas, I am not well versed in winter sports

  133. I sit here in winter wonderland of upstate New York, still loving the snow, pushing fifty, and thinking, WOW, I get great exercise out there shoveling!

  134. I couldn’t agree with you more. Winter in Chicago is hell too. In fact, I woke up to a driveway that seemed to have disappeared under about six inches of snow. I love the lake effect. Really I do…

    I do have to say, though, that I would really miss warm nights in front of the fireplace if I ever moved somewhere that was warm year round. But I definitely wouldn’t miss the shoveling, the cold and the crazy ass drivers who seem to lose IQ points every time the snow starts to fall.

    • yes, let the shoveling and numbness commence!

  135. We live in Minneapolis and this city has been pounded by all of the snow from this month–my wife is counting the winter days left. The cold temps are numbered around here!

  136. I enjoy being able to turn on the oven to bake more often. While I bake in all seasons, it feels a lot less stuffy during the winter weather.

  137. We live in Minneapolis and this city has been pounded by all of the snow from this month–my wife is counting the winter days left. The cold temps are numbered around here

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