The Art of Always Wanting More

February 17, 2011 at 7:32 am | Posted in Life and Living | 12 Comments
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It’s not about being selfish. It’s not about being spoiled.  It’s about wanting to live the best life one can possibly live.  It’s the feeling you get when you reflect on your past and think, “Did I do enough?” “Did I have enough fun?” “Did I live enough?”

The stories you tell when you are older are made when you are young, so it’s only fair to want to make the most out of your youth, because you can’t turn back.  Of course, you always could have done more. You could have had more crazy nights when you broke all the rules.  You could have had more romantic moments.  You could have taken more risks.  You could have had more laughs.  But, from what you do remember, was it enough?

I for one don’t want to stop making those kinds of memories.  I have some great ones already, but I’m not passed the point of not being able to make more. I don’t really know when you reach that point. I just sort of imagine that it exists, but maybe it doesn’t have to.  But when I think back to the memories I have made I do wonder if I did enough.  I call this the art of always wanting more.  It’s not about regret.  It’s about having a thirst for life.  I want to spend the rest of my life learning and experiencing all that I can.  I want to travel, try new food, see live concerts, meet new people, I want it all!

I want to be tired when I am old, not because I am bored. I want to be tired from having lived so damn much.  We may never know the meaning of life, but I plan not to waste away while I try to find out.

I will take pictures. I will make home movies.  I will say what I want, even if I regret it later.  I won’t hold back out of fear.  I will enjoy some down time watching tv. I will work hard.  I will sleep. I will love. I will cry.  I will tell my children and their children all about the endless possibilities life has to offer, even when it seems like there is nowhere to go.  We all get stuck sometimes, but life does eventually go on, and even these memories have a place in the rocking chair of old age.

And I will always want more, because there’s no such thing as too much living.


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  1. Poetry!…couldn’t agree more…no regrets!

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  3. When I was a reporter, I interviewed these newlyweds for a valentines day story. The twist was they were in their 80s. They were some of the happiest, healthiest people ive ever met and I thought, “damn, i hope I’m like that at 80.” I asked them their secret. They told me a few things, like socializing and staying close to friends and family, trying new things, but what I think what it came down to was “always having something to look forward to.” sounds an awful lot to me like “always wanting more.”

    • it certainly does. I try to follow that advice as well!

  4. I agree as well. No regrets in life. Do all that you can do and enjoy it. You can sleep when you are dead, so wake up early to watch the sunrise and stay up to watch it set. Take in every experience that you can.

    I love following your journey as I am on my way to 30 as well… Thanks for your insight.


    • Thanks Kim! Always nice to hear from another pusher? (trying that word on for size… kind of weird)! I don’t know that I’d say I don’t have regrets, but that’s probably a topic for another day! It’s hard to hide from human emotions like that but if the glass is usually half full, one can always hope for more sunrises!

  5. i dated someone a while back that told me i wanted too much things in life. yea, well, that didn’t last very long. i know a lot of people who live to work, i am the opposite, i work to live. i don’t want to wait till i’m 60 to spend my retirement money. i want to be able to do things now, within reason of course, and enjoy them while i’m young and able. and definitely, photographs. and my blog. it’ll be great to see, to have something to look back 20 years from now. i wonder if the blogosphere is still the in thing by then …

    • That phrase “work to live” has been in my head a lot lately as well. I am with you!

  6. I too want to travel and take pix and live life to the fullest. It’s so darn hard to not be restless when I want so much more. But I’m also learning to live in the moment and accept what is right now. I find then that I am actually living more than I ever thought possible. Now, to find someone to travel with me…


    • a trvale buddy is key! Though I know a few brave souls who journey alone!

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