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I’ve never been one to follow a crowd.  I’ve never belonged to a specific clique.  I enjoyed having diverse friends from different places, backgrounds, cultures.  But whenever it came time to get together, it was always difficult to find the right pairings of friends who would just vibe with each other without really knowing each other.  But I would always try. I’ve had my successes, and some utter failures, but I will always try.

Beyond finding the perfect mix of people to hang out with, I would also try to play matchmaker.  I would love to be able to say that I was responsible for two people finding love.  I had success in setting up a few dates and a bunch of one night stands, but never anything substantial.  Why don’t I have that gene that some people have where they just know who would be right for each other?

Well, it’s not really a gene.  It’s part intuition and part understanding somebody on such a deep level that you know what makes them tick, and then finding a perfect match.  But you spend so much of your life trying to figure out what makes you tick that how can you ever really know what makes someone else tick?  I guess that’s why so many people turn to online dating.  It’s easier to have someone else do it for you.

It’s also about energy.  There really is such a thing as chemistry between people.  But sometimes, you can misread that energy as purely physical attractive.  Geez why are these emotions so complicated?

I happen to have a lot of single friends, and for the life of me I can’t manage to set any of them up with each other! I’ve basically given up trying. What I have learned is that just because two people are single doesn’t mean that they should date. Like, at all.  But as you get older and there are less “fish” to choose from, do you find that you go on more first dates?  Seriously, the long term monogamous girl wants to know because I’m totally just guessing right now.

I guess I don’t have a future as a professional matchmaker. Lucky for me, at least I found my match.


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  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your site! 🙂

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