Dreaming of Junk Food

March 29, 2011 at 7:27 am | Posted in Playing with Food | 8 Comments
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Have you been in a fast food place recently?  Have you eaten a bag of chips lately?  Maybe you have, and maybe you’ve felt the way I do after I give in to one of these rare cravings — completely unfulfilled and regretful.

I remember going to McDonald’s as a kid, and even as a teen.  I’d get a happy meal, and then I’d get the #4 when I was older (the McChicken sandwich meal) and I’d eat it happily.  In my later teens, we’d go to the McDonald’s drive-thru (backwards) at 3 AM after returning from the club, to fight off the munchies.  I never regretted it back then.

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but now every time I eat fast food, I immediately regret it.  I get lured in by the thought that it’s going to be just as tasty as it was when I was young, only to find a dollar cheeseburger sitting like a rock at the pit of my stomach.  Why does it hurt so bad and yet, is so hard to resist?

I rarely indulge or crave fast food. It’s usually when I’m on the road and there are limited options that I actually partake in the fast food eating culture that is America.  I work right next to a Pop-eye’s*, a McDonald’s, a Dominos, and a Whopper Bar (Burger King’s newest venture) and if I eat out I typically choose the falafel place, the potato stand, or somewhere I can get salad or soup (occasionally I’ll spring for something ethnic like Thai food or sushi or empanadas).

But every so often the chicken nuggets call out your name. And every so often you see a bag of Cheetos and you can almost taste the orange goodness on your fingers.  And every so often you crave the innocence of eating things with no nutritional value whatsoever.  Because every so often, you want to be that kid chasing down the ice cream truck again, or  getting a ChocoTaco at the snack bar after playing a round of butts up. Every once in a while, you need to eat like nothing matters, because at that moment nothing does. Nothing but the taste of happiness and promise.  You can worry about the stomach ache later.

*note: as I write this I have gotten word that the Pop-eye’s near by job has been shut down by the Department of Health. If that’s not a warning to you, I don’t know what is!


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  1. haha im writing about this right now, too. You just can’t compete with the taste of childhood nostalgia, it’s true. But it’s so interesting how our sense of taste and smell changes as we get older, thus for picky-girls like myself, somehow exploring food is getting better too. I suppose it’s just going to continue being the toss-up as we get older, eh?

    • it might be, or we’ll start cutting ourselves off from the adventuress foods we can handle at this age!

  2. Yep, every so often you just need a greasy big breakfast, fish and chips or golden fries!

  3. i don’t think ever had choco taco, shame on me! i stopped eating fast food in 2002.
    i don’t even crave it. however, every time i travel (which is quite often), it gets me at the airport.

    • if you haven’t had a chocotaco, you haven’t lived! Ok, maybe you have, but they are soooo good!

  4. Um. Does a snack bag of jalapeno kettle chips last night count? I had a bad day and they were in the rack by the counter at the drugstore .. and um … they leapt into my basket. Truly. Forced themselves on me and made me pay for them.

    • happens to me all the time! There’s some crazy electromagnetic field between us!

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