Take Your Daughter to Work Day

April 28, 2011 at 7:23 am | Posted in Career Moves, Family Ties | 4 Comments

For 19 years, Americans have taken part in Take Your Daughter to Work Day (which is now the more gender-friendly Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day).  The idea behind it was to expose young girls to the working world, at a time when women were underrepresented in the workforce.  The event also allowed parents to bond with their kids on a whole different level.

I don’t remember how I knew about it, but I remember taking part in the event at an early age.  I looked forward to commuting with my dad and hanging out in his office all day long.  He would introduce me to everyone, with great pride.  I passed the time sitting on his couch reading a book.  We ate lunch in the company cafeteria with all the other business people.  I was able to observe my father interacting with his colleagues and while I never understood (and still don’t) what my Dad did for a living, this view of professionalism definitely had an impact on me.

I always knew I wanted a 9-5.  I always knew I’d work in an office someday.  I wanted the same kind of professional connections that my Dad had.  I did, in fact, model my career off of this one day of exposure a year.  I didn’t have to do any work to know that one day, I’d be the one sitting behind that desk.  I was driven.

I’m now at a point in my career where I can advocate for experiences like these publicly on a professional level, and hope to influence some change.  My perspective is that youth need more exposure than just the one day.  But also on a personal level, I can imagine celebrating this day when I have my own kids.  I had my role models and I look forward to the opportunity to help guide my kids on a path to success.

Did you take part in Take your Daughter to Work Day? Do you still?


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  1. We don’t have it here, but I’d hate to visit an accounting office, and my dad works from home. (Also, wouldn’t Take Your CHILDREN To Work be shorter and cover all bases?)

    It’s nice to hear someone say they want a 9-5 (I do, too), in a time where everyone is all “escape the 9-5! location independence! down with the corporate!”

    • It would be shorter, for sure! Not sure what team decided on that long name! Yea, I like the stability of the 9-5, plus the benefits 🙂

  2. Mom ran her business from home (architect) and dad was in sales. I do remember my dad taking me with him to visit his office/lab (chemical sales for petrochemical plants), and even out to a couple plants in BFE where we delivered a box of cookies to the delight of the workers there. Being exposed to the “industry” curved my direction in college to instrumentation. I didn’t want to be just like my dad, but I do attribute my vocational decisions to what he taught me outside of the classroom.

    I hope that my kids will have a work day with me. I miss them while I’m at work 🙂

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