Pandora’s Box

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I was riding home on the train with my train buddy the other day, catching up on all things when he brought up what is apparently a new trend among, in his words, “grown women.”  He tried his best to explain these charm bracelets that are meant to represent one’s life journey, and the men he saw in the store purchasing charms of upwards of $3,000 dollars.

So I did what any other curious person would do.  I Googled said bracelets. I found images of said bracelets. I was unimpressed by said bracelets.  Seriously ladies, charm bracelets?  What are we, 14 years old?

You may, at this very moment be wondering how I, a grown woman, missed this trend, and had to learn about it from a married man.  There are not a lot of trends I do miss, though there are many that I have chosen not to partake in.  I think I subconsciously ignored this one due to lack of interest.  But I do remember the link bracelets that had charms of sorts, and I was definitely into the Tiffany trends — the bean and the boxed bracelet specifically.  I have a name ring from my teenage years and I had a few Y necklaces from when those became popular.

But I cannot get into charm bracelets for “grown women.”  I just can’t.  Then again, I don’t buy a lot of real jewelry, at least not at the moment.  But since I misplaced my favorite ring a few weeks ago, I do have the craving for something new.

I really miss my favorite ring.  I got it for my 20th birthday.  My best friend had just bought herself a pink gold Movado, so of course I needed to have some pink gold.  I walked into this Portuguese jewelry shop, drew the jeweler a picture of what I wanted, and he made it, just for me.  My own unique one-of-a-kind piece.

To me, this is more of a story than any that a charm can symbolize, but I guess others can find the same memories in the charms that they buy.  To each his (or her) own!


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  1. Um, those are hideous. Charm bracelets can also be really classy (see – I have one like this). I currently have a silver E charm for my initial. I’m not sure what other ones I want – definitely a musical note or a treble clef, but I have years and years of milestones left to mark. My bracelet cost less than $100, I believe, and the charms range from $20 or so upwards.

  2. Hey, thank you for exposing the lunacy of Pandora charms..LOL, Now I’m wondering if it is as popular as I was led to believe. I was also told that my fascination with tattoo art is sort of similar to charm bracelets because they symbolize moments of memories of my life. Oh, and the website is currently under redesign by a friend of mine. Thanks for the shout out though…peace.

  3. Charm bracelets = fun. Even into your 30’s. Cute little doodads and trinkets that remind you of actual events. Pandora bracelets = meaningless beads that the company has tricked you into believing that it represents a ‘memory’. I’m sorry, but my ‘TWIN’ charm reminds me of the awesomeness of being a twin…. a blue glass bead with a flower on it… does not remind me of how awesome being a twin is… in fact, it reminds me of how I’m just another sucker clone who fell for the Pandora craze and spent $75 on something I can find stuck in between my couch cushions.

    Pandora is trying to reach a different demographic. 30-45yr old women. As women, we love sparkly things. We love tiny cute things. We love jewelry, we love collecting things, and more importantly, we like to have things that show off how much better we are than our other friends. “You only have 8 charms? HA! I have 3,460 charms and they ALL look exactly the same. I don’t know what any of them mean! But it’s so small and tiny and cute and I’m better cause my bracelet says so!!!”

    Haha, I’m half kidding. I totally don’t care about this craze, but I hope it’s over soon. Just think, you are limiting yourself to years of the SAME present each holiday and occassion. They’re expensive, so it’s silly to expect getting much more than that. “Mothers day? I got a Pink Bead. 10yr Anniversary? I got a flower bead. Christmas? I got green bead.” You’re screwing yourself out of years of half-assed thoughtless presents and gift cards. Why get just a bead, when you can get glass scorpion paperweight? 😛

  4. […] a lot of different jewelry stages.  Aside from following the trends from the Tiffany Bean to Pandora, I wore a lot of jewelry at different times in my life.  In middle school, there was a time when […]

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