Am I Going Deaf?

June 2, 2011 at 7:38 am | Posted in Life and Living | 4 Comments
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I blame you Gaga but my hearing issues, you and your awesome music

On my morning commute the other day, I was sitting on the train next to a woman in her mid thirties, early forties.  The train was crowded as usual but I was determined to get a seat on this day (sometimes I jut don’t have the motivation to make people move their bags).  So I put on my headphones and turned on Lady Gaga’s new album (which if you don’t have it yet, you need to get it. Don’t be stupid).  I was in a pretty good mood even though I have had a cold all week — getting engaged probably helped heighten my mood — when the woman next to me poked me and asked me to turn my music down.

I didn’t want to start anything so I kindly lowered my music, but I was seriously pissed all day long.  How dare she?  It’s like a twenty minute ride and there were ten minutes left. She couldn’t suck it up?  And besides, it’s not like I was blasting crazy rap music at the highest volume available, no, this was good quality music and it wasn’t really that high.  I’m not really a fan of blasting music to the point of not being able to hear myself think, or talk, unless I’m in the car alone.

But maybe my music was a few degrees higher than it would have been a few years ago, and maybe it’s not my TV that has trouble with volume.  Maybe….maybe…it’s me.

But no!  I can’t be going deaf. No way.  I mean, not like really deaf, but is it possible that your hearing fades as you get older, even if you never need a hearing aid?  It would make sense since your vision fades, your hair goes gray, and your skin wrinkles.  Maybe I should take one of those tests they have you take when you are a kid, where you have to wear headphones and raise your hand on the side you hear the sound coming from.  Those tests were always so tricky, kind of like trying to do a taste test without having something to clean your palate in between.

But here’s an even worse thought.  What if I become that cranky woman in my mid thirties to early forties?  What if some twenty-something thought I was a cranky old bitch?  Would I care? Did she give the incident a second thought?  Probably not, but until then, I’m going to enjoy my precious hearing and precious music at the volume that I please as often as I can, and hopefully I don’t see that woman again.


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  1. My hearing is definitely borked. When it’s absolutely silent (rare in the city) I can hear a buzzing. Luckily, I have no plans to move into the countryside 🙂

  2. My hearing is going as well. Sometimes with work if I am filming something and testing the audio it blast into my ear and I would have a buzzing for days. It sucks, I also listen to loud music way to much but one good thing is with music I do not use headphones all the time. Some people always use headphones and I think that can make it worse. Point is yes we a all going deaf. : ( .

  3. This blog really hit home for me (and I’ve pushed WAY passed thirty). Yes, you may be starting to notice some degree of hearing loss, but you are still a bit young to call this presbycusis (“old age” hearing loss). Your nemesis (or bodhisattva, depending on how you look at her seeming intrusiveness) on the train may just have been responding to her own discomfort caused by hyperacusis (a hearing problem in which even low decibel sounds are perceived as monstrously loud by those affected by this disorder), or maybe she has generalized anxiety disorder and the music was freaking her out. Or, maybe she was just in a bad mood…
    Anyway, keep your music to a reasonable level and maybe you won’t wind up like your future aunt-in-law (i.e. deaf as a doornail and always looking for that damn $2500 hearing aid that the cat likes to fling under the bed).

    Aunt Bobbee

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