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On my most recent business trip I traveled down to Baltimore to attend a high school graduation.  This June is actually the 10th anniversary of my graduation from high school and attending this event definitely took me back.

I remember exactly how I felt as a student at graduation.  I remember what I wore and why I wore it.  I remember who I sat next to and the people who received the most accolades.  I remember feeling like something big was happening, something that I wasn’t going to understand, a path in which I would have to follow my instincts in order to make it through.  There were so many questions.  What’s going to happen to all that I know, my circle of friends, my daily routine?  At that moment you don’t realize that there are some people that you have seen every day for the past 12 years who you will never see again, and some who you won’t see for years, and when you do see them again, it will never be the same.  There is no proper good bye, nor is one necessarily needed.

I remember a sense of comfort and support sitting next to one of my best friends as we listened to all the adults telling us how are lives were going to change.  We had sat next to each other at at all school activities where we were arranged alphabetically and he remains one of my closest friends today.  But I’m not close with many people from my high school anymore.  Things change.  You meet new people. You come into your own.  People you weren’t friends with in high school come into their own as well. You may get along better with people you were never friends with in high school if you met them today.

High school was a moment in time.  So much happens from the time you enter to the time you leave, but it is nothing compared to what will happen when you walk out that door and look back ten years later.  I get goosebumps as I watch these students, full of promise and I wonder if they will be happy and successful, even those who didn’t win scholarships.  Will the predictions of where you will be in ten years come true?  Will where you will be make sense to the person you always thought you were?

For me, graduation was full of mixed emotions. Sadness, for the social life that I loved, excitement for being out on my own, and curiosity for who I was to become.  And now looking back at that time, I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I look to these kids to keep the promise of the future alive in all that they do.


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  1. Very true, things do change after graduation. I’m still friends with my BFF from my senior year, we were roommates in college so that helped bridge the gap and we found new, bigger circles of friends. With the advent of Facebook, many grads today will probably keep closer tabs on friends. A reunion might not have the same nostalgic effect ten years from now…

    • Definitely! Now we’ll have to pretend we don’t know everything about each other 😉

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