Allergy season, and the Benedryl feels good

June 14, 2011 at 7:38 am | Posted in Life and Living | 1 Comment
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he was so little!

When my dog was a pup, he started to get these crazy rashes on his front legs (or what I call arms).  Being a new dog mom, I took him to the vet (every time something was wrong) where he underwent an allergies test.  When it came back, I learned he had a whole slew of allergies — some environment related but most were food related.  This dog is allergic to beef, wheat, barley, cheese, you name it, and he’s allergic. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find dog food without wheat in it?

Over the years, his allergies were evident in a variety of symptoms, but I did get smart and start recognizing them as allergy symptoms, and I give him Benedryl as suggested by my veterinarian.

In all my life, I never had to deal with allergies, so my dog’s allergies were the first.  As a dog owner, you have to become very in touch with how they are feeling and know how to react without overreacting.  And when it comes to my symptoms, I’ve gotten better at recognizing illness at the first sight.  So about a week ago, I started getting that sure fire sign of a cold — the scratching in my throat.  The cold moved from my throat, to my nose, and began to exit with a cough.  It is true that every cold is different. With this cold, I blew my nose more than I ever have before.

But now, over a week later, I am still coughing, though less and less each day.  I don’t feel sick at all and drinking water doesn’t help much.  Like I said, I’ve never had allergies before, but I know my body and the way it reacts.  This has to be some kind of allergy.  So now I’m taking Benedryl, too.

It’s true that I don’t know if I really do have allergies, or what this thing is, but as long as I am not coughing up blood, I think I’ll be ok.  The Benedryl definitely helps. I would love to go my entire life without ever knowing if I am allergic to anything.  I don’t think I could handle the restrictions that come with allergies.  So I don’t plan on going to the doctor. So let’s just hope this crazy cough goes away.

In life, you can’t go to the doctor every time something feels off. You’d never be home! You just have to know your body, and listen to it when it says it needs help.

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  1. that picture is the best

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