Battle of the Budget

July 5, 2011 at 7:31 am | Posted in Life and Living | 2 Comments
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if only this were an accurate portrayal of my earnings

Over the weekend, we put a down payment on the venue where we will be getting married.  Having selected a date and a venue, a rough timeline has been created for how we are going to pay for things and when.  This of course is when my anxiety begins to boil over.

I was never very good with numbers.  Sure, I was in advanced math for a while in middle school, but math got hard in high school, and I completed avoided it in college by placing out of the first year’s requirements and taking a computer science class in place of the second year’s requirements.   So I was good enough to get that far, but I just don’t trust myself with math. That’s reason I chose to go into a field that was focused on writing, communicating, and creativity.  But numbers keep on creeping up no matter what I do and when those numbers mean money (and they almost always do), it makes me very nervous.  For that reason, I’ve always been conservative with my credit cards and my bank account, because I never know if a bill that I forgot about hasn’t been taken out yet.  I live within my means.

With that said, I am not putting my life on hold just to fund this wedding.  There are other things I need to fund to improve my quality of life right now.  In the coming months, I will pay off one of my student loans, buy a new car, and buy a new television.   I will also take a much needed relaxing vacation.  I am giving up looking for a new home for now, which would have been a huge expense. The fiance and I have figured out plans to balance these expenses with our wedding expenses, but it still gets me crazy because even if you set a budget and come up with a plan, it’s never foolproof.

I’ve never planned a wedding before and every last detail has to be so carefully examined so that we make the best decision.  The timing and the product have to meet in perfect harmony for me to pull this off.  Which is why we set our date for fall 2012.  It buys us time to figure all of this out.

Speaking of time, I will have none in the month of July to focus on wedding stuff, so those wanting an update here goes:  We’ve set the date, the venue for both ceremony and reception, and the theme (this will be a surprise).  Our concentration now is on the guest list and enjoying the summer knowing, at least for now, that we have time.


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  1. heh we planned for a very long engagement so that we had time to figure all this stuff out too (bought us some time to save too). Believe me, I still feel lost in space with this wedding stuff but come August 2012 it’s ready or not! And believe me, a wedding is NO reason to put your life on hold! (my dreams are gonna continue on and so will yours no doubt!) not good with numbers? bleh. you’ve always been determined 😉 and that speaks much, much louder.

    so happy for you, sweets. love you much.

    • ready or not for real. HERE WE COME! love you too!

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