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It’s over. It’s finally over.  The longest business trip ever!  In a few short hours, I’ll be flying home.  Though it’s only been 8 days, it feels like so much longer, and I really miss New York and my family.

I worked hard the past 8 days, but somehow found strength to enjoy San Francisco – mostly the cuisine, but some of the sights as well.  On the last night of the conference that I was working, I got to do something really fun.  I went to a trampoline park!

Situated in an old warehouse almost under the Golden Gate bridge is a little gymnasium with trampolines for the jumping (at a nominal fee, of course).  You get special shoes, and can jump as much as you want! You can even play trampoline dodgeball!

Before Tuesday night, I hadn’t been on a trampoline in like 14 years.   When I first started jumping, I immediately started giggling like a little child.  It felt so good to just let loose!  But I definitely don’t remember it being such a work out!  I had to take like, 3 breaks.  I guess that’s what comes with age.

What also comes with age, and I’ve definitely blogged about this before so this is just another example, is the fear of getting hurt.  While all the children (there weren’t that many adults there – don’t judge), were doing a bunch of flips and such without effort, I was struggling to bounce back up from a seated position.  My colleague, who is just a few years younger than me and is a little more gutsy than me, did attempt to flip a few times.  She did pretty good, but struggled to land on her feet.

I guess it’s a combination of fear and knowing our bodies aren’t quite what they used to be.  But I’m really liking this rediscovered activity.  I had actually been talking about doing this for a while with my BFF and according to an article in USA Today, the rise of trampoline parks is a trend all over the country.

As I look to diversify my recreational and fitness activities, I will be sure to check out more trampoline parks.  Maybe that will keep me young.


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  1. one of my friends when I was little had a huge trampoline in his back yard. He was the “rich kid” so he pretty much got whatever he wanted. now as I am older I would love to try one of these again. I hope NYC has something like this.

    • That’s actually funny that you say that. Now that I think of it, the kid growing up that I knew with a trampoline was a “rich kid” too. What an interesting status symbol.

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