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Back home now and starting to get back in the swing of things.  I know there’s some serious stuff I have to refocus on — the other aspects of my job that are not conference related and preparing for life without my boss; buying a new car before my inspection is up in September; and planning my wedding, just to name a few.  But before I can even think about any of this, I have to get used to the day-to-day routine.  I MUST get back to the gym, I have to get used to commuting again, and I really need to start eating better and sticking to it.

But not everything has to be so serious and adult.  That’s why I’m actually not going to blog about my return today.  Instead, I’m going to blog about an interesting phenomenon that effects children, and adults alike — things that glow in the dark.

I can still remember having glow in the dark stars on my ceiling as a kid, and a black light when I was a teen.  I had glowing bracelets and glow sticks.  My friends had lava lamps and we all wore hyper color shirts.  Glowing in the dark is something that remains cool as you get older, and I feel like the reaction to glowing is basically the same.  It’s the surprise and awe, the trick that light plays on one’s eyes.

When I was in Puerto Rico a few years ago with the then-boyfriend, now fiance, we were thinking of going on a Bioluminescence tour in the bay.  They take people out in canoes at night to the bay. When you get in the water, organisms react by glowing.  I really wanted to see the creatures that glow in the night but there was no guarantee that the organisms would come out that particular night.  We didn’t end up doing it because it was a pretty penny for something that wasn’t a sure bet, but the island sure made money off of adults wanting to see living things glow in the dark.

I love how the delight over glow in the dark hasn’t faded with technology, or in my sake, with age.

How’s that for a light-hearted post?

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  1. I like glow in the dark and 3D ! It really looks like a real life magic trick.

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