The Tipping Point

July 28, 2011 at 7:35 am | Posted in Life and Living | 3 Comments
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I would be remiss if I didn’t say anything about the white elephant in the room — the death of Amy Winehouse, a great rock talent who never got to reach her full potential, who died this past weekend possibly of a drug overdose, or maybe something else.  Most people were not surprised by her meeting her demise the way that she did, heck even her own mother saw it coming.  Sure there is an aspect of this that has to do with how she handled her rise to fame, but there is something in this that non-famous folk can also relate to.

Much of the media is talking about it — stars that die at age 27.  The majority of people who die at 27 in today’s age do not die natural causes, or even from terminal illnesses.  Most 27 year old’s who pass on do so through accidental death or suicide.  I’m not going to get into the numbers, but we’ve all seen them.

What I do want to talk about is this sort of tipping point that seems to happen at the age of 27.  What is it about this age that makes one act differently, or contemplate their life?  For me, I made two major life changing decisions at age 27.  For one, I started this blog.  That may not seem major to everyone, but it is to me, as I see it as a culmination of all that I love coming to life.  The other was choosing to live with my fiance.  I’d say I got off lucky.  Others did not and will not.  Others have major break ups at 27, or make difficult career changes.  Others make destructive decisions that mirror some kind of unhappiness in their life and their inability to do anything positive to change it.  There is this sudden sense of reality hitting you like a ton of bricks and everyone’s experience is different.  But it does seem all too often to happen or at least begin to happen at 27.

Of course, there are other times in our lives where we feel the need to make huge decisions, sometimes unpopular ones, and this particular age point that I’m talking about was likely different for past generations and will be different for further generations.  Perhaps this tipping point is the wake up call, a new light that goes on in our brains, who knows?  I’m sure some psychologists have studied this, and I’m no psychologist.  I’m just an observer of life.

So what about you?  Was 27 your tipping point? And if so, what major life decision did you make at 27?


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  1. According to astrology, the “Saturn Return” starts when you’re 27 ( – basically, Saturn is in the same place in the heavens as it was when you’re born, and that’s a time of un-settlement and change. The second time it happens (54), it’s considered a mid-life crisis.

    I don’t necessarily believe it, but I do know that the time between 27 and 30 was tumultuous for me, and it felt like as soon as I hit 30, everything smoothed out!

    • interesting info and perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. RIP AMY

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