Where have all of my slutty friends gone?

August 11, 2011 at 7:36 am | Posted in Friends Then and Now | 5 Comments
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All too often I find myself in the same position — the only girl among single guys (plus my fiance).  I know what you are thinking — that I’m just the girlfriend who hangs out with her boyfriend’s friends.  I see your point, but that’s not really how it all began.

Sure the boys have been friends since high school, but when I started to hang out with them there were other girls around — my friends and girlfriends of the guys.  But as it goes, the dynamics changed, got complicated, there was of course some fighting and break ups, and now this is where I find myself.

For some girls, this might be an ideal situation.  Wouldn’t the only girl get all the attention? If she was single, sure, but I’m very much spoken for, and I’m not really an attention hog anyways.

What I really need are allies, so when the boys start acting like boys I have someone to turn to to roll my eyes or help me put them in their place.  I need girls who still like to go out and have a good time.  And of course since my guy friends are single, I really need single girl friends.

My guy friends always ask me why I never bring out girls, because as the token girl, that’s my responsibility.  I actually have a lot of single friends, but most single girls my age don’t really want to be single or are just plain sick of dating. They don’t want flings, they want to find a real partner, unless of course they just got out of a relationship, in which case they either want flings or want nothing to do with men.

But when I was younger, getting single girls to go out with me was easy, even when I was in a relationship.  When we’re younger, there’s more of a carefree attitude, a lot more… exploration happening.  Girls were not afraid to go on a double date.  I always had friends willing and up for anything; girls ready to be wing woman, and I in turn a wing woman for them.

So pardon my French when I question where are my slutty friends.  Perhaps that’s not the best phrase. But seriously ladies, I know a bunch of eligible bachelors looking to hang out with some sexy ladies.  No strings attached, unless you happen to fall for each other,  so let’s do this!


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  1. Baaaahhhhaaaa I Can feel ya Girl but on a side note! I wouldn’t set my friends up with my husbands friends for anything and I tell them as much. Your thirty something and all we do is drink beer and hang out at the softball fields! and who want’s to do that LOL! Well I guess I do 😉

  2. Uhhmm… I’m slutty. Please send them my way!

  3. I think as we get older things change. It’s hard for a girl to bring other girls in the group when it’s all guys. It can cause fights between the guys if a few have a thing for one of the others girls. It’s a hard situation.

  4. The plethora of single people you were once exposed to in school/college is no longer there. I had lots of friends until I moved away, there’s only a couple I still try to keep in contact with. If your girls are still around, maybe they feel pushed aside after you and your man got serious (i.e. engaged) and you spent less time with them in general? I’ll bet a few phone calls could remedy the situation (and a cool venue doesn’t hurt) 🙂

    • Ha! Yea the friend thing happened long before me and the boy ever got together. It was more related to everyone going down different paths and yea distance definitely plays a factor!

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