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August 25, 2011 at 7:39 am | Posted in Friends Then and Now | 2 Comments
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This past weekend while celebrating my friend’s “big move” to the city, we decided to go to what we consider the best bar in our area.  The main reason why we love this bar is because of the atmosphere and the crowd that usually fill it.  There’s always good music, sometimes live performances, and young folk who are out to have a good time.  Another reason I personally enjoy this bar is that almost every time I go there, I run into someone I know.  This weekend was no exception.

I’ve talked briefly in the past about how I used to go clubbing as a teen. There was this one club I went to all the time with a group of my friends.  Going to this bar now reminds me of that time.  Every Saturday night I’d go to that club, I’d set up a corner of the bar with my friends, and then I’d start circling the bar looking to chat with other friends who were also at the club.

I’ve never been the type to go clubbing or to bars to meet guys (when I was single, of course) — it was always about hanging out with both the friends I came with and the friends I only saw occasionally, typically when we were both out.  This has proven to be just as important to me now as it was when I was a teen.  I don’t need to go to the hottest new club or bar, or that place where that celebrity hangs out.  I need to go where my friends are.

Because it’s so easy to go through the work week and not doing anything social other than send your coworkers a funny email or go on Facebook (it’s sad, but true that Facebook has become the social activity/addiction of choice, but it has).  It’s so important to let loose and see people who may not know what you do 40+ hours a week and to not have to make small talk where you would then explain what you do when you aren’t at work.  It’s so important to clear your mind.  And for me, it’s so important to remember where I came from and the people who were there with me way back when.


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  1. Great post! I agree being around people you know makes the night better. Good Times!

  2. I definitely agree with this! Having come back to university for summer, while my friends are all back home, the few times I have gone out haven’t been anywhere near the usual standard purely because there’s almost zero chance of bumping into someone I know… Love your blog as always 🙂 x

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