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As you read this (if you are reading it the day it is published), I am finally on vacation. But don’t worry, I wrote this before I left — I’m good like that. I just couldn’t leave you guys hanging. I just couldn’t! So here’s a little reflection on how I planned this vacation in comparison to the way I have planned trips in the past.

This trip was all about relaxation, silence, legitimately getting away. I realized I have yet to recover from my crazy work schedule from July, so I really just need to clear my head. I envisioned this trip to be similar to my first trip with the fiance to Ocean City, Maryland back in 2008. A road trip, where the sight-seeing is just ocean, boardwalk, and seafood. A trip where we can just enjoy being together.

Well, in the words of Andre 3000, you can play a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. I left New York for an ocean vacation still in the path of Irene, but I have gone up north. By the time you read this, hopefully the storm has come and gone with minimal damage. Hopefully I have spent the storm cuddled up with the fiance in our hotel room enjoying a bottle of champagne. One couldn’t really ask for more.

But last summer, the fiance and I were out for a more exciting trip. Last year we were in Vegas, and the year before we were in Puerto Rico. We had a great time on all of these trips, but they are definitely different kinds of vacations.

Sometimes you need a vacation to let loose. Sometimes you go away to experience something new. Sometimes you are where I’m at — you just don’t want to hear the clutter of the world anymore.

So although the storm has added some stress to the vacation, I hope to come back refreshed, recharged, and with some good stories.

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