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photo from the beach

This past Tuesday’s post was an interesting exercise both for myself and for this blog.  For the first time that I can remember, I tried to write a post in which I predict the outcome of a specific event.  Sure I did discuss the fact that I didn’t really know what was going to happen — not with just the storm but with this trip — but I did, nonetheless make predictions.  This is what really happened on my latest getaway.

With mass hysteria growing every moment with Irene, we decided to play it safe, leave early, and only make quick stops on our road trip to our destination.  Our original plan was to stop at my old alma mater and pay tribute, but time was not in our favor.  We actually made it to our destination with just a few rain showers along the way.  The storm was not to hit until the next evening.

Upon our arrival, there was a true sense of calm before the storm.  I actually have a real interest and a fair understanding of hurricanes, so in watching the news, I knew it wasn’t going to be that bad where I was.  All we really got was some rain and wind, and since we were on the beach, we were able to watch the tide come in from our hotel porch.

But like most New Yorkers, the survival instinct still came kicking. Since all we expected would happen was that it would rain and we wouldn’t be able to go out, we bought alcohol, water, frozen dinners and burgers we could grill at the hotel.  In retrospect, this was clearly not the best survival kit.

Because although we weren’t hit badly where I was, the rooms at our hotel that had jacuzzis lost power for a night.  Guess who had to have a jacuzzi in our room?  Yea, so we ended up moving for a night before returning to hot tub bliss. A younger me may of thrown a fit, but perhaps with age and my recent travel experiences, I’ve grown used to things happening.

Other than this minor interruption, this trip was everything I needed, well, almost.  I was somewhat unimpressed by the food, which, for a food snob like me is disappointing, and the Pier, which I had high hopes for, wasn’t all that impressive. But the beach, the weather, the atmosphere, were all perfect.  And spending time with my honey away from the stress of our daily lives always replenishes our relationship.

It’s funny.  The fiancé always says that we never visit a place twice.  I just love to travel and explore, and the truth is, he does too, and there is only so much time you can take to travel when you have financial responsibilities.  But now, when I go on trips like this, especially one like this that is so kid and dog friendly, I think of these as places I’d like to take a family one day. My family didn’t travel all too often when I was a kid, but some of my best memories of childhood are summers in Lake George and the Hamptons.  I hope to make many more memories like this in the years to come, in fact, I predict I will.

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