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Tupac wanted change, too. At least that's what his lyrics say

Over the weekend, I took the dog in the new car for the first time.  I love to see his reaction to anything new he is exposed to.  Dogs are animals of routine who, if not exposed to things as a puppy, can have interesting reactions to them later on.  Dogs are a great “measurer” of change.

When I first moved out with my lab, he was under a year old.  The adjustment to a 1 bedroom apartment from a big old house was a tough one.  I’d come home to some of the craziest disasters, food from the pantry all over the floor, furniture chewed, just terrible messes.  Part of it was him being a puppy, but a huge part of it was the change.

However, when he went into the new car, it didn’t really seem to phase him.  Perhaps he was just so excited to go to the park, it didn’t matter what car he was in (we are talking about a dog who, given the chance, has jumped through car windows before).  Whatever it was, he took the change very well.

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it has a major impact on us, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But this much is true.  Life is all about change.  Change happens everyday, no matter what you do.  Change can be incremental, to the point where you only notice it in hindsight, or maybe it goes completely unnoticed.

Change can happen organically or we can make change happen.  Change can be small, or can completely alter the way we live our lives.  Change makes history worth learning.

Change is defined in part by the way we react to it, and how we adapt to it.  Will we learn from history?  Will we learn to live in an altered world?  Will we embrace the change or will we reject it?  Or will we take matters into our own hands and make the world a better place.

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