Peanut Butter for the First Time

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My nephew is now 6 months old and beginning to add different foods to his diet.  It’s an interesting practice that I don’t normally think about — being introduced to new foods. And what’s even more interesting is that you can spend your whole life trying new foods, if you want to.

At some point, your parents stop being the ones in charge of what your diet includes, though they may continue to influence the decisions you make.  Not for me, though.  I am much more adventurous than my parents, but they never limited me. Sure I didn’t eat ham until I was maybe a teen, but that was just something my family didn’t eat.  We were a bologna and cheese kind of family.  Rye bread and tuna.  Bagels and cream cheese.

I do, however, have a good friend, whose parents were fresh of the boat Italian, whose eating habits were so closely connected to their culture that she never had peanut butter or jello growing up — SERIOUSLY.  I mean, there are people who don’t like to try new foods, and then there are apparently people who haven’t eaten foods that many Americans would consider pantry staples and lunch box requirements.  No, this girl’s lunch likely consisted of macaroni and maybe some broccoli rabe — hard to believe since she is so skinny, but this is true.

It’s not that I was always adventurous with food.  As you get older, your taste buds mature, and for me, my curiosity just continues to grow.  I have to try everything.  I had to have that fried Twinkie in Denver, and a cooked artichoke in Santa Cruz.  I had to have clam chowder in Boston, lobster in Maine, and crab cakes in Maryland.  I had to have risotto in Italy and churros in Barcelona.  And it doesn’t stop with foods cities are known for.  I have to try all the chains that you can’t find everywhere. I had to have Sonic in North Carolina and Carl’s Jr in San Francisco.

My adventures with food aren’t limited to tourism.  I watch the Food Network religiously — the fiance can attest to that — and am constantly experimenting in the kitchen with different techniques and combinations.

I can’t imagine not exploring food.  There is so much out there!  For my friend who never had peanut butter growing up, I don’t know if she ever has, or ever will, but if she does, I hope I’m there to witness it (and subsequently post it to YouTube).

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