Mom, where does our food come from?

October 11, 2011 at 7:35 am | Posted in Playing with Food | 2 Comments
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This past weekend I was one of thousands of people who spent the Indian summer Columbus Day weekend driving up to a farm and apple orchard.  I hadn’t been apple picking in years and thought it would be a fun way to enjoy the weather, and I was super excited to cook with fresh apples.

The last time I did any fruit picking was probably like 5 years ago, and that was blueberry picking — a very different experience than apple picking.  Blueberries grow on low bushes, whereas apples grow on trees small and tall.  So the apple picking trip was a lot more work than I remember!  Perhaps because I wasn’t being hoisted up to the branches on my father’s shoulders, no I got to climb trees while my friends yielded a special apple grabbing pole (I found the tree climbing more fun, and actually easier — the pole was like 12 feet long).  I have not climbed a tree in years! And it was so much fun!

I was thrilled to see so many children out at the orchard, too.  I have this fear that children are losing touch with the outside world more and more, that many may not even know where their food comes from.

Of course, this whole idea of losing touch with the way the world works is not limited to children.  Let’s face it.  We are all plugged in most of the time.  I for one spend a huge chunk of my time in New York City, aka asphalt jungle.  Most of my outdoor time is spent commuting and walking the dog.

So for children and adults alike I think it is important to access food outside of a supermarket, restaurant, or a home refrigerator.  It is important to witness a cow being milked a few times in your life, go fishing, and pick fruit off a tree every so often.  If it is good enough for Adam and Eve, or whoever was here first, it should be good enough for us.


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