Trying to Quit Smoking? Check out this giveaway!!

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It’s the first anniversary of my most famous post, which was all my feelings on smoking.  The post received a ton of attention thanks to being Freshly Pressed, and it wasn’t all positive attention.  Some smokers were angry and felt the need to defend smoking.  In rereading the post, I can positively say what I thought to be true.  I never commented on smokers or how they became smokers (and still are).  So to be clear, I don’t hate smokers — just the act of smoking, or really the actual smoke in the air.  I understand the idea of addiction.  We all have our addictions and quitting addictions is really hard!

So this giveaway is for all those smokers who are trying to quit.  I was contacted by Vapor4Life, a leading electronic cigarette company.  Vapor4Life sells electronic cigarettes in a variety of strengths and flavors.  For smokers who are trying to quit and want the sensation of smoking, this could be a good place to turn.  The product looks like a cigarette and even lights up at the end when you inhale.  You inhale vapors that have nicotine and flavoring in them to complete the experience.  For a non-smoker like me, I can see the comparisons between the cigarette and this, particularly when you use the basic cartridge (or what they call cartomizer) that doesn’t have a fruity flavor. The ones with the fruity flavors remind me of hookah.  Though I can’t speak on the effectiveness of this as a quitting strategy, I would say anything is worth a try!

And now, the giveaway.  The winner of this giveaway will receive a battery, a set of cartomizers, and a charger, valued at approximately $60!  All you have to do is comment on this post by Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 to be entered in the drawing.  The winner will be notified by email.  So get commenting, and tell your smoker friends!


Start-up: Going out on your own

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It’s no secret that getting a job in this day and age is super hard.  But what is probably even harder is starting your own business.  But even with the stakes high against you, the reward of having a successful business all your own has got to be great.

I actually happen to know a lot of people who are or have started their own business.  Some of them were lucky enough to make it big enough for it to be fruitful full-time job while others are still working on that part.

One promising company comes to mind.  My friend’s tee-shirt company.  Having just launched their redesigned web site and announced a partnership with football player Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills, New Gotham Designs features unique tee-shirt designs focused primarily around New York City’s culture and architecture.  I really love their stuff — not just saying that because we are friends.  The artwork is really creative, fun, and very well done.

Another unique entrepreneurial idea comes from my artist friend who designs jewelry out of old, broken, pieces, to create original, one-of-a-kind, funky jewelry.  The Eclectique Collection certainly stays true to its name, and better yet, the artist is now starting to teach classes so others can learn how to make jewelry as well.

The creativity, the structure, and the drive to succeed in these endeavors is something I truly admire.  It is this kind of innovative thinking and risk-taking that will ensure our economy bounces back to include more small business owners.

I, myself, have thought frequently about starting my own business.  I have come across many people in my professional life and personal life who do similar work to me but have different areas of expertise.  My friends and I have spoken about some kind of collaborative company that combines all of our expertise, providing a full suite of services related to marketing and communications.  At the moment, it’s still just a thought, and I don’t see it happening in the near future, but who knows, maybe down the road I’ll be in a position where I could get this off the ground in a whole-hearted way.  Anything is possible.

All Talk

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This past weekend my BFF visited me from Boston.  We hadn’t seen each other in 2 months, which is about average for us, but a lot has happened in those two months for both of us.  We talk everyday, and update each other, but there’s something about seeing the change in person that makes it more tangible.

So when she said to me after going for a ride in my new car, “look at you doing all the things you said you were going to do,” I knew what she meant.  I’m not the type to not follow through typically, but we all know there are times when a person says they are going to do things and never follows through.

Lots of talk. No action.

See, I make certain to set realistic goals for myself so the follow-through is also realistic.  I have no grandiose ideas about living in a mansion, driving a corvette, and living it up on a tropical island.  Instead, my goals are designed to enhance my life through incremental improvements.  It can’t all happen at once. But it does take drive and determination, and it takes a little talk.

Because I’ve said on this blog some things that I plan on sticking to.

  • I said I’d get rid of shoes I don’t wear, and I have.  About 10 pairs.
  • I said I was going to get in shape.  I still struggle with making time and finding energy for exercise, but I’m making a valiant effort. I still am seeing a personal trainer, and I’ve shed a few pounds and gained some muscle.  I was even told by two women in my life say that my butt was getting smaller!
  • I said I was going to buy a new car, and I did, and I’m certainly enjoying driving more now.

So I really have nothing against expressing your goals.  Just be certain that most of your goals are attainable.  Feel free to hold on to your dreams, though.  Perhaps incremental improvements will help you reach your dreams, too.

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