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Last week, I had to deal with a credit card theft.  Fun, right?  Unfortunately, I’ve had issues with fraud in the past so this time, I was very much on top of it. I got the suspicious charge removed within minutes of it posting and ran down to the bank to cancel my debit card with 15 minutes before their doors closed for the day.  The bank gave me a temporary debit card and I walked home, catching my breath.

Somehow, I made it several days without spending much money or needing my debit card.  I’m not the type to keep much cash on me and rely heavily on my card to get me places.  But sometimes, you need cash.  So when I was headed down to my high school reunion last week, it was the first time I was trying to use my temporary card at the ATM since I got it.  I had about ten minutes before my train came (the bank is right next to the train) and the card would not work! I called my fiancé freaking out and called my bank to see if they could help.  Of course, at this point it is after hours, so they were of no help.

Then, in record time, with 3 minutes to spare before my train was to arrive, my fiancé came to my rescue.  This, coming from a man who takes forever to get out of the house, I was truly impressed.  This gesture, my man coming to my rescue in my time of need, was a major turn on for me.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been saved.  I remember once in high school, after a series bad relationships and break ups, my faith in men was shaken.  In my dramatic, high school-aged mind, I thought I’d never have a decent relationship.  Then I met a great guy who changed my mind, and even though that relationship didn’t last, my perspective was changed. A very different situation yes, but sometimes we need to be saved emotionally, too.

But I’ll never forget when I didn’t have that hero, a few years ago when I was bitten by a dog.  As I ran screaming down the street for help as the dog chased me, someone called the police, scared the dog off, and tended to my wounds (my dog was with me at the time, and I’m thankful he wasn’t hurt).  I never knew her name, never even had a chance to really thank her.  But she was there for me.  That’s more than I can say for my partner at the time.  He was off from work, but when I called his phone to meet me at the hospital, he didn’t pick up.  I don’t fault him, things happen, but it did change the dynamic of our relationship.  When I needed him the most, he wasn’t there.

Because as independent as we may be (and proud of it), we all need to be saved sometimes.  Things happen that you cannot control and it’s okay to need support and help.  We are all in this thing called life together.  And sometimes, we are lucky enough to have a hero on our side.

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