While We’re Still Young

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Backpacking through Europe.  Moving across the country.  Taking time off after college to “find yourself.”  Moving to the big city.  These are some examples of activities you are told to experience “while you’re still young.”

I guess the idea is that, while you’re still “young” you have time to mess up and rebound, you may have no commitments, few responsibilities.

I did not take in any of these activities, and not for lack of desire.   I had wanted to study abroad, but it seemed irresponsible to go when I had 6 credits left to graduate.  I knew I’d be financially paying for it in the long term.  Instead, I did shorter trips to England, Italy, France, Spain.  Still, I have this thirst to know the world, to explore different cultures, walk ancient passageways, relive history.

I also had this inherent understanding and need to join the workforce as quickly as possible. And I was lucky enough to know at an early age what direction I wanted to take my career, so no need to “find myself”.   I have always known who I am and what my strengths are.

I wanted to live in the big city for as long as I can remember, but my career path and with the addition of a large, playful dog to the family, made it in unrealistic.

But I don’t think it’s over for me.  Sure, my current path leads me to marriage, and who knows from there, but there might be a chance to stay true to this some of this whole “while we’re still young” mentality.

And if not?  Well, if not, maybe I’ll get to some of these activities later in life.  Being young is not the only time to explore the world.  I plan to live an active life, to see many things, to experience many things.

And what really is “young” anyways?  I’m young, but I have a ton of responsibilities and commitments.  I don’t see that stopping.

Maybe it’s not really about age.  Maybe it’s more about the desire to live and experience, to enjoy life and all the wonder it has to offer.

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