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There are many things that I remember when I first started my current job 2 years ago today, but two things really come to mind at the moment.

There was this “transition team” made up of leaders from across the organization, pulled together to help determine how the number of staff was going to grow to better serve our customers.  A year later, there would be another major transition with half of the staff getting new assignments to provide more targeted services to our customers.  Indeed, change seems to be the constant, which brings me to the second thing on my mind.

Another girl started work within a week of me, and like so many relationships, I never could have predicted how close we would become.  Everyday we have had lunch together, vented to each other, and laughed together.  I enjoy the company of many of my colleagues, but I developed a special bond with this girl. She even came with me to pick out my wedding dress.  But I knew at some point she would move on from her position, and that time has come, two years on the dot.

I have experienced this before, blogged about 9-5 friends and attempting to make that transition to just friends without the connection of work, and I know it’s not easy, and this time around I will have lost 2 of my closest work friends within 3 months of each other.  I don’t know what will happen, but I know I will keep in touch with them, but it won’t be the same.  My routine will change. The environment, the mood in the office will change. I will find a new way to vent, because once they leave, there has to be more than venting about old issues to talk about.

But life goes on.  People come and go.  Fate and time play along together to create great opportunities.  Chemistry and dedication keep friends connected.  And some people will come into your life for just a brief moment and make an impression that will last a lifetime.

A little musical component that I think goes well with the mood on this one.

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