Accident Prone

March 13, 2012 at 7:30 am | Posted in Life and Living | 1 Comment
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One of the things I have really enjoyed about personal training is getting really in tune with my body, paying close attention to the motions I can do and the ones that I struggle with.  Discovering weaknesses helps me figure out what I need to work on. It’s not just about losing weight and toning up, it’s about rehabilitating my body. Just living does a ton of damage to the body.

Through several exercises, my personal trainer pointed out the weaknesses to the right side of my body, particularly a weak ankle.  This was from a super old injury playing soccer in middle school.  I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember wearing an ace bandage all throughout my school’s trip to Nature’s Classroom in 7th grade, and later in high school and college I could blame many accidental falls on that weak ankle.

I’ve been lucky enough to never break, sprain, or fracture anything, but in a survey of my recent trips to the doctor, not one has been just for a check up.  In fact, in my adult life I have experienced a ton of accidents which I’ve blogged about before. But to sum it up, there was that time:

  • I was bitten by a dog (not my dog, some other crazy dog)
  • I fell on black ice and landed on my head, given myself a concussion
  • I tripped over nothing and landed on my face, giving myself a black eye (at least I was drunk for this one)
  • I cut myself with a butter knife and needed to get stitches.

All of these events have happened in the past 5 years, but they sound like accidents that would happen to a much younger person.  Adults don’t typically put themselves in situations where they can get hurt. Unless of course you are accident prone like me.  When you are accident prone, every day activities are accidents waiting to happen. The fact that I haven’t fallen down the stairs of my third floor walk up is beyond me.

But I can’t live in fear of getting hurt.  It will happen, that’s a reality I have grown to accept.  I am lucky that I haven’t been in any serious car accidents or freak accidents.  My accidents seem silly and make for great stories, and I have a personal trainer to help me fix my broken body!

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  1. I am always worried I am going to break my arm or leg. So far so good but you never know.

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