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March 22, 2012 at 7:33 am | Posted in Life and Living | 2 Comments
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With less than 200 days until the big day, I have been getting a lot of questions about how my planning is going.  When I start to tell people what I have done and some of my tactics for getting it all done, they’ve had a pretty interesting response.  At least, I found their responses interesting.

People who didn’t know me all too well or haven’t seen me in a long time said to me something along the lines of, “Oh, well you have always had it together, it’s not surprising that you’d be so organized.”  Somewhere along the way in growing up I had developed a reputation for being organized.

Maybe they knew about the calendar I created when I was younger to track the outfits I wore to school to ensure I didn’t repeat for 2 months?  Or maybe they watched me write 6 different essays for my college applications, and go on to college to strategically create a schedule that allowed me to graduate early?  Or maybe they have heard about my career plans — how I have put different time stamps on my time at certain positions in order to further advance my career?

Yea… maybe organized isn’t the right word.  Maybe the people I know are just using that word because it’s nicer than saying anal, obsessive, controlling.  But I guess there is an element of organization in all of those things as well.  But to be perfectly honest, I have been feeling less and less organized lately, taking on so much, relying on my brain and various online tools to keep me organized.

We recently had a training at my job to help us get organized.  I learned some really cool strategies to balance everything.  A lot of it is really helping, but I am still struggling a bit to stay on top of everything.  Sometimes there is just too much going on all and you can do to stay sane is prioritize.  Because what happens to me is that I get frustrated by a lack of productivity — I get anxious when things aren’t getting done.  And in the working world, when you are trying to get things done, sometimes you have to rely on others.

So while I do have some unique… organizational skills, I would definitely not consider myself organized.  I like to get things done. I consider myself pretty reliable.  I have priorities and I want to make the best of my time.  I may not always be spontaneous. I typically like to get into the car and have a destination.  But every so often, I’m not against veering off the road.


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  1. “And in the working world, when you are trying to get things done, sometimes you have to rely on others.”

    That’s the part I hate.

    • yea working with people isn’t the easiest! Politics and personalities!

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