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The moment a baby is born, they typically begin to cry.  This is often the first sign that a newborn is okay.  From that moment on, crying is usually looked at as a sign that someone is upset, that something is wrong.  To a baby, it’s a form of communication, a way to express a need or a want.  A child may cry over a scraped knee or another child being mean to them.  But as you get older, crying becomes so much more complicated.

In our society, crying is often seen as a weakness, something one does in privacy.  Our society says men shouldn’t cry.  And men don’t understand why, sometimes seemingly unprovoked, women cry. No one wants to see someone else cry.

I don’t cry over injury often anymore.  When I cry, I cry over the stress of life.  I cry when a friend or family member is struggling. I cry over frustration, not knowing what to do next.  Sometimes I cry just to release tension. Somehow the headache and grogginess that often follow crying are easier to deal with.

I do most often cry alone, but not out of shame of crying.  I cry alone because it is a personal experience. It’s my time to vent and figure things out.  Sure, I sometimes tear up in movies and things I see in the news, but I get the good cries in from dealing with real life stuff.

Some things that I think about instantly bring on the tears. Sometimes, I am surprised by a sudden need to cry.  Sometimes, after a good cry, I’m ready to put my game face back on and take on the world. Sometimes, I’m not, but have to pull it together anyways.

Crying is a natural exercise of the mind and spirit.  It is symbolic of so many emotions.  One may cry when something really good happens, or when someone does something really nice for someone else.  Crying is not just happy or sad or scared or mourning.  Crying is cleansing.  Because life gets complicated, throws some seriously curve balls and we won’t always know what to do.  Sometimes, there are no words to express ourselves, even for me, Ms. Wordsmith.  Sometimes you don’t want to say what you are supposed to say because it’s not how you really feel. But you can’t say how you really feel.  Sometimes the shedding of a few tears says it all.

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