This is Just a Test

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It’s the dreaded word of students from elementary school up through postsecondary education.  Every lesson learned leads to a test.  You spend weeks learning the content in class, then attempt to memorize it all the night before the big day all in hopes of getting a good grade.  Every so often a spunky teacher will throw a pop quiz at the students — catching them off guard to see what they really know.

Pop quizzes are actually probably a better representation of what a young person can expect from real life.  In real life, you don’t get to study for the tests life throws at you.  Instead, all of the lessons you have learned cumulatively are to be drawn upon to see how you will handle serious curve balls.

There are no easy answers in the tests of life. Often it is a struggle between the emotional and the rational — follow your heart or listen to your mind.  Morality vs. desire.  Because it is so hard to understand why these things have to happen we start to question the test itself.  What is the meaning of this? What am I supposed to learn from this?

The lesson is never easy, never determined by readiness.  The test pushes you beyond what you thought you were capable of.  The test pushes you to explore your inner battles, forces you to make tough decisions.  Life’s curve balls are a true test of strength.  It’s not about getting it right.  It’s about using what you know and what you feel to make the best choice possible, and pave your own path.

Life’s tests don’t come with bubble sheets.  Every outcome, every reaction, is individualized.  It is the tests of life, the trying times, that often define us and shape us into the people we are.

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