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The story of one’s life is made up of the memories one makes, both good and bad, that shape our experiences and decisions.  But the mind is an interesting place.  The mind holds memories in many forms — muscle memories, sensory memories, long term, and short term.  One person may remember an event in a very different way than another.  We all have our own perspective and choose to remember things the way we want to.

And that’s what is weird about the mind. Somehow, we select to keep some memories in the most visible part of our minds, easily accessible for reminiscing, and some memories, we allow to slip to the dark corners of our minds, some never to be recalled again.  But every so often those memories do find a way of coming back to the surface, and when they do, you are forced to face whatever it is you were avoiding.

Because we usually block memories for a reason.  We block things that are too painful to remember, things that scarred us emotionally, things that are not representative of the life we want to remember.  We block memories to heal, to protect ourselves from this scary world and the bad decisions we made.

But we don’t block all bad memories. We allow some to come to the surface as a reminder of a lesson learned.  And when old memories come to the surface, it is an opportunity to learn, perhaps all over again from a new point in one’s life from that experience.

Not everything in life is peachy keen, and we all say or do things, or have things happen to us that we would prefer to forget. And sometimes you can successfully do so, but sometimes you gotta face the music, fess up to your past and use it to move forward.

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