The Things I Did To Your Man

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You will remember a variety of different things about people.  Different physical traits — perhaps they always wore their hair a certain way — different character traits, habits, etc.  You will remember different stories of the things you did together, or heard that they did.  You will remember your relationship to them, and perhaps with them.  You will remember the fights, awkward conversations, moments of uncontrollable laughter.  And in some cases, your first memory of some people will be a little more intimate.

It’s the truth.  If I run into a former love interest, my memory of our intimate relationship is going to be at the front of my mind.  I have watched many an ex go on to new relationships, and now, on to marriage and babies, but what do I remember?  I remember that time we parked the car in a lover’s lane of sorts and got caught by the cops.  I remember that time we got a hotel room, just for a few hours, to be out of our parents’ houses, and be together.  I remember how you liked me tickling your arms, massaging your head. I remember that time I got so drunk, I fell off the bed and got rug burn on my knee.  I remember that time your friends walked in on us.  I remember all of these things, because they were just so much fun, and I will always remember that I had that fun with you, even as we have both moved on.  Because I knew you in a way that not everyone gets a chance to know you, and you knew me just the same.  I wonder if your woman now knows you the same way, or better or worse.  Either way, I’m not bitter.  I have my memories, and I’m happy with them, and I hope you are, too.

And I’m not afraid to say any of this now, because we are all thinking it, and it doesn’t change the way I feel about my future.  Because we all have a past.  We all have known so many people, and if you are anything like me, many people will leave a lasting impression.

I have cared for many people in my life.  I have loved, and I have lost.  I have been infatuated, and I have been crushed.  I have hurt people, and I have been hurt.  I have had many good moments and many bad. And they stay with me, and will stay with me, as a part of the lessons I have learned and as a part of my memory of you.

So I’m happy to see you now with your new woman.  I know she doesn’t know what we had, or could ever understand it, and it doesn’t matter.  That’s something that will remain between the two of us for the rest of our lives.

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