The Gray Area

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It’s that space in between.  It’s that uneasy choice you have to make, and the answer isn’t clear.  It’s that cloud of doubt hanging over your head.  It’s what your heart wants vs. what your mind thinks is the right thing.  It’s what you believe in vs. what society expects of you.

It’s the gray area.  The world is not black and white.  There is a huge space in between, where decisions get lost, where the unexpected happens, where life takes interesting turns.  It’s the space where you often learn the most, if you open yourself up to the possibility that what looks like the natural course of things is not in fact the road you wish to take.  It’s the place where pride goes to die, and humility breathes new life.  It’s the place where you feel naked, humble, true.  It’s the space where strength builds, where the world changes, and nothing is ever the same.

Unfortunately, not everywhere embraces this gray area.  Many will life the rest of their lives following the rules set forth before them.  Many will never test conventional wisdom in order to possibly find enlightenment.  Some will take the world as it is and think that nothing more can be done to make a difference.  Many will do what is expected of them. Many won’t take risks, won’t experience a moment of fear for a moment of exhilaration, or a moment of courage to obtain a moment of success.  Many won’t put their heart out on the line, and many won’t experience love. Many will shut the door.

A very few will march to the beat of a different drum.  Very few will open their hearts and minds to the possibilities.  Very few will embrace the gray area, and paint the world with all they have learned.  I dare say these are the few who will change the world, or maybe just the course of their personal lives.

Because you could probably live happily on more than one path in your life, and you don’t always have to take the obvious, or easiest route.  If you embrace the gray area, really explore what you are capable of, why you make the decisions and mistakes that you do, you may find yourself on a totally new path.

Life is meant for exploration.  Go learn something.

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