RIP Movieland

July 3, 2012 at 7:45 am | Posted in Life and Living | 1 Comment
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Recently, an old movie theater closed in my hometown.  The theater had been around since the 70s and had been a staple in the community, but had failed to keep up with the times and lost out to new, fancier theaters with the latest technology.

I, myself, hadn’t been there in a couple years.  But as a young teen, I frequented the place often.  I remember packing six pre-teens into my mom’s car to go there, having birthday parties there, taking cabs there.  I remember seeing Scream there several times, sneaking into Titanic when it first came out over winter break, hiding snacks in my purse to save money.  When I got my first car, I’d drive my friends to the theater.  When you are a teen, and there’s not much to do, the movies were the perfect escape, and my friends and I spent many a summer night in this theater.

And it’s of course not the only landmark of my childhood that I’ve seen disappear in recent years.  One of my favorite clothing stores nearby also closed, as well as countless other businesses.  It’s the nature of an ever evolving world.  But I can’t help but wonder what will be left of my childhood in ten, twenty years? Will I be able to recognize the places I once frequented, or in their evolution will they become strangers to myself and others who haven’t gone far from their hometowns? It seems that much of these landmarks will only exist in the minds and hearts of those who remember them before they lost their relevance and fell from grace.


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  1. I often wonder that myself about all the changes that have gone on in my childhood haunts. I had my own united artists theater on Long Island where I spend many days (and worked there for a short time)

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