No Longer Taking Shit

August 2, 2012 at 7:30 am | Posted in Life and Living | Leave a comment

When my dog was a young pup, he was super curious about everything in the world — every scent, every object, every person, every animal. Every new dog he would meet, he would approach shyly with his head downwards until he knew it was cool to sniff at the other guy.  At that point, however, he wouldn’t be able to control his excitement anymore, and for older dogs who have seen a puppy or two in their life, he would come off as annoying and some dogs just didn’t want him in their faces.

Fast forward to age 6 — what happened to my sweet little boy?  I am by no means saying my dog is vicious, but he does have a limit to how much he will allow another dog to climb on him.  He’s just basically reached a point where he no longer wants to take anyone’s shit.

What’s funny about this is that it happens with humans, too.  We all have our limits, but we are actually expected to take shit for a longer span of time in some ways.  We are expected to be polite, to bite our tongue when we have something unsavory to say.  Wait until you are old and you can start being offensive.  Leave the attitude to Grandma.  She’s lived a long life.  She deserves to be nasty when she wants to be.

I find this idea to be fascinating.  I mean, in terms of my professional life I totally expect to take shit for a number of years ahead, but I will not take much shit in my personal life.

I think it’s connected to a matter of respect.  In your career, you have to earn respect time and time again.  As a human being, everyone deserves respect.  Treat people the way you wish to be treated, or better, and if people don’t treat you the same, you have the right not to take shit from them.

So the next time a pup gets up in your face, don’t be afraid to give him what for.  It’s how nature intended it.

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