Friends and Money

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As a kid, you generally grow up in a neighborhood with other kids whose parents bring in the same average median income as your own.  In my neighborhood, a town where only 1% of students qualify for free/reduced price lunch (a common indicator of income level), money was never really an issue.  Our parents provided for us, and sure there were families that had more or less than others, but we all received the same education and couldn’t always tell the difference.

Fast forward to adulthood.  I know a wide range of young adults who, while still the same age as one another, are no longer on the same level financially.  Some still have support from their parents, some do not.  Some got their careers off the ground, some are just now figuring out what they want to do to make their own money.  Some were lucky enough to land a high paying job while others struggle to pay their rent.

Rewind for a minute, back to college.  College was when I met people who were truly different from everyone I knew growing up.  I was drawn originally to people who had a similar upbringing from me — lived in nearby towns, and I would maintain those kinds of friendships.  But I became close to people with very different upbringings, people who grew up on the wrong side of town and people from the middle of the country with very different values than East coast folk.  I learned a lot about different kinds of people starting in college and up through the start of my career.

So now as life becomes more and more expensive, I try to be conscious and sensitive to other people’s budgets.  I myself am not made of money, and of course with wedding planning I’ve been on a seriously tight budget, but I never want to put anyone in a position where they feel like they can’t come out because of money.

Because the amount of money one person makes is not what makes them my friend.  Money can buy you a lot of fun, but you can have fun in a dungeon, so long as you are in good company.

Though I do not recommend hanging out in a dungeon regularly.

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