In the Jewelry Box

August 21, 2012 at 7:32 am | Posted in Fashion, Fitness and Beauty | Leave a comment

The saying goes “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” What girl doesn’t love something shiny? Girls love wearing pretty things. It makes them feel pretty. It makes them feel like a princess. Oooh, does anyone remember the game Pretty, Pretty Princess?

I’ve gone through a lot of different jewelry stages. Aside from following the trends from the Tiffany Bean to Pandora, I wore a lot of jewelry at different times in my life. In middle school, there was a time when my whole arm was covered in bracelets. That was normal back then. Then there was the period where I wore 10 rings — one on each finger. Nowadays, I still wear jewelry, but I’ve toned it down a bunch.

As a kid, my father actually made jewelry and sold it at jewelry shows. So when my good friend starting creating handcrafted jewelry, I was super excited. It was like revisiting a creative part of my past. I loved the idea, and I love her style.

By using pieces of broken and old jewelry, the Eclectique Collection creates one of a kind funky, yet antique looking jewelry — pieces that really make a bold statement. And as an independent artist, the owner makes custom pieces too. It’s a great way to breathe new life into old pieces with sentimental value.

This is the kind of innovation and creativity I love to support, and the final products are pretty spectacular. So consider this your independent artist plug of the week and check out this girl’s awesome jewelry!

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