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When I first got engaged, I, like many brides, had a few grandiose ideas of what I was going to do for my wedding.  Mine, however, weren’t in imitation of any movie I had seen, any fairy tale I had read.  I was realistic in terms of understanding my financial limitations.  No, instead I had these great ideas that somehow everything related to this wedding was going to be high tech.  After all, this is the digital age, is it not?

So I went about creating a website that would connect directly to an automated to-do list and guest list tracking system, and magically everyone would reply online.  Guests would also use the power of Google Maps to get directions to the venue, rather than the traditional directions card included in the invitation. I snail mailed Save the Date magnets with the link to the web site, and proceeded to mail out invitations the old fashioned way, with a self-addressed stamped envelope — just to be safe.

As RSVPs clog my mailbox, I keep harking back to that original idea.  To date I have had 2 people RSVP online, and I totally get it.  There is still this connection to the idea that things need to be tangible to be real.  In truth, a wedding is not something you typically just put up as a Facebook event.  Those RSVPs matter and have dollars attached to them.  We have not reached a point in our technologically advanced world where invitations and RSVPs can be done solely online, where we trust the click of a mouse as our word that we will attend an event.  Any event planner, any online communications specialist will tell you that there is still a struggle to get online actions to become offline actions.

But we aren’t too far off, and someone has to be an early adopter and give things a shot.  I will still use the online platforms available to me to push out pertinent information (aka pester my guests about RSVPing :P) and I’ll be shocked by any email alerts telling me people have RSVPed online.

So if you are looking for me, I’ll be sitting by the mailbox, waiting.

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