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The past weekend I had the great pleasure of seeing one of my good friends sing at her new single release party.  Yet another talented independent artist doing what she can to get her art out into the world.  And I have got to say, I was completely blown away by just how talented she is.

Not only is she a beautiful vocalist, but she also writes her own music, and to a writer like me, this is something I have always dreamed of being able to do, but I just have not yet been able to meet that challenge.  As a lyricist, she has managed to put real deep meaning and personality into her songs.  Knowing her personally and professionally before knowing her as an artist, her music is so uniquely her.

So in listening to her, I flash back to my earliest memories of falling in love with music, back when my influences were mainly my parents and the radio.  I would sing along with Paula Abdul, Michael Bolton, Meatloaf, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.  I was in chorus.  I wrote poetry.  I tried my hardest to write lyrics, but could never find the melody.  I played the flute for 4 years before giving up, but I never lost the love of music.  It just grew.  And even though I was never good enough to go pro, I still loved (and still do) to sing.

I have this one memory that I may be imagining at this point, but I’m pretty sure it happened.  I had this good friend growing up named Stephanie (this new artist is also a Stephanie, ironically enough).  Anyways, Stephanie was an incredibly talented singer but ever so shy.  I would always encourage her to sing, and finally, I’d get her to do it in front of a crowd.  And I believe that she even sang at my sweet 16.  The song that I think of most with her is Everything’s Coming Up Roses.  She went on to earn a coveted Soprano spot at Carnegie Mellon.  And like the other Stephanie, she is incredibly smart and multi-talented, and last I heard she went on study neuroscience or something like that.  How is it that some people are born with talent and brains?  Somehow, it doesn’t seem fair.

So in watching the “new” Stephanie, the one with the new song, making things happen for herself, I feel like she’s come full circle.  A well traveled, well learned woman of the world, she has so much to offer, and I will be forever envious by her ability to share it so artistically with the world.

So without further ado, I present to you Stephanie Morillo’s new release, out for digital download today on iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.  For only 99 cents you can support an artist who has given back so much to this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, the music video for Russian Mountain.  For more on Stephanie and upcoming shows, visit


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  1. Great Artist!

  2. It is so amazing to see creative dynamic people blending resources. Inspiring…love the sound, organic…dope!

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