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The moment you get married, lots of things can happen. Most brides I know have reported an immediate sense of relief, many brides are reminiscent and sad that the big day is over,  many are in shock that they are actually married.  Some are a mix of all of these things and more.  Whatever the case may be, I think most brides aren’t immediately thinking, “it’s time to start nesting.”

But that’s what assumes.  A day after my wedding, I logged into my account to get addresses from my bridal management system so I could start on my thank you notes. I was immediately redirected to  Sure, I understand the marketing tactic, but can’t a girl breathe?

As a newlywed of 3 weeks, I feel a great sense of relief that the wedding is over, but I still feel overwhelmed about many other things, both related to acclimating to married life and unrelated.  I really feel like I need to get my shit together — in fact, I’ve never felt more out of it than I do now.

But of course I’d love to start thinking of making some sort of new home a place we can start this new life.  But having just paid for a wedding, I need time to recover.

But once I recover, I will find us a new place to live, a serious upgrade.  We have outgrown our one bedroom, 3rd floor apartment, and this is just the beginning.  We have appliances with no homes and combined furniture from two apartments.  We have an 80 lbs dog in an attic with low ceilings.  It is time for us to get a grown up apartment with parking (in NY, ha!) and more than one bedroom — not for family planning, just so we have a cave we can crawl into so we aren’t always on top of each other.

So for now, will have to wait.  For now, I will be getting back on track, working on my name change, and getting used to being a Mrs.!

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  1. It took us a year to recover from the wedding and finally move into a bigger place and enjoy our wedding gifts! its a good year though, have fun!

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